The Best “Mainland” Beaches in Greece

Mainland Greece

From Halkidiki to the Peloponnese and from Pelion to Epirus, we dive into the most exotic waters of mainland Greece.

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What do you think when we talk about “the best waters of Greece”? The endless blue of Amorgos, the perfect turquoise in Navagio of Zakynthos, the emerald waters in Falassarna, or the crystal sea in Koufonisia? You are certainly not wrong. However, not only do the islands have wonderful, transparent, turquoise, or blue-green waters, but also a bunch of other Greek beaches that you can reach without ferry tickets.

We have collected our selection of the best “mainland” beaches of Greece below.

Simos Beach, in Elafonisos, Car free islands in greece blog

Simos Beach, in ElafonisosPhoto Credit: Discover Peloponnese

In the Peloponnese

The wonderful west coast of the Peloponnese

The part of the Peloponnese that is washed by the waters of the Ionian Sea has, obviously, the most spectacular beaches, with the most wonderful shade of water. The postcard-looking beach, Voidokilia with its powder-soft sand, Kalogria with the forest of Strofilia framing it, Kaiafas with its fifty kilometers of golden sand, and Elaia with its forest reaching almost to the sea are just a few of the most spectacular west coast beaches.

The discreet charm of the east coast of the Peloponnese

And if the not-so-wild west of the Peloponnese has turquoise waters and fantastic sandy beaches, the east coast has unexplored pebbly beaches that are spread like a secret by word of mouth and sheltered coves that lap the Aegean. Fokiano first and best, is an eye-catching beach, with all-white pebbles and transparent waters, 33 dizzying kilometers away from the nearest inhabited area – Leonidio. And the beaches at Kyparissi, 60 kilometers north of Monemvasia, exude the feeling of being at the end of the world.

And the case of Mani

Neither west nor east, the part of the Peloponnese that “looks” down hides some of its best beaches. Among our favorites are Foneas in Kardamili, with its white pebbles and emerald waters, and Agia Varvara in Skoutari, with its soft sand and clear blue waters.

Pelion Beaches

In Pelion, Central Greece


The star beach of Pelion has eerie rocks dividing it in two and a fissure between them joining its two pieces. The turquoise hue of its waters and white pebbles make the landscape even more dreamlike.


Two and a half kilometers of beach with wonderful light sand, and blue-green waters. Moreover, it has frequent waves to satisfy even those who want their dives a little more adventurous.


Two small creeks whose blue waters flirt dangerously with the green of the conifers that seem to grow out of the rocks. The result is beautiful, blue-green waters against a completely green background.

Papa Nero

Crystal clear, sometimes green and sometimes blue, waters and an eye-popping sunrise. With the sun rising directly through the sea and tempting us to sleep here. Or at least set the alarm clock to go off before dawn.

Halkidiki beaches

In Halkidiki, Northern Greece


Eerie rock formations, many of them in highly interesting patterns that inspire conversation under the hot midday sun. Wild beauty, and exotic turquoise waters make up a landscape so unique that it deserves the title of the best of the best.


The landscape just outside of the popular Vourvourou in Sithonia, becomes particularly exotic. At Karydi the gaze is lost in the white sand and the even whiter rocks, which rise hugely into the crystalline waters and challenge for long dives. The lush green grove that reaches the shore is the icing on the seaside cake.


An “alternative” small cove with blue-green waters that are especially warm hides on the shores of Nikiti on the second leg of Halkidiki. Koviou wins us over with its fine sand, its “simpleness” and the dense vegetation that surrounds it.


You know the campsite, which is one of the best in Greece, time to get to know its beach. Fluffy sand stretches for many kilometers, and turquoise waters blend perfectly with the dense vegetation “decor” of the surrounding hills. You will find quiet corners to spread mats but also organized sections and options to indulge in water sports.


Pine trees reaching to the white sandy beach, a view of Mount Olympus opposite, and between them, incredible turquoise waters. Sani Resort’s discreet use of the beach has not spoiled the charm of this “diamond” on the first leg. Which rivals the Caribbean in exotic beauty.

Epirus Beaches

In Epirus, Western Greece

Bela Vraka, Sivota

It is not one, but two beaches that would almost touch each other, if not separated by a narrow strip of a perfect turquoise sea. One is located on the mainland, just outside the village of Sivota. The other, which juts out and stretches out to meet it, is the beach of the small island called Mourtemeno. Walk through the water, which is barely knee-deep, and find yourself in a paradise of pale sand and tufted green trees that reach up to the wave.


It is that huge beach that combines golden sand and colorful pebbles. The frozen waters of the Paramythiotis river end here in the sea, dividing the beach in two. While if you follow the path through the tufted pine forest that surrounds it, you will find yourself at the archaeological site of Dymokastro. There, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the endless turquoise of the Ionian.

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