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Now we have compiled a list of the best places to get this perfect Greek Instagram post that you’ll be proud to show your friends once you return.

Sarakiniko, Milos Photo Credit: Kostas Limitsios

1. Sarakiniko beach (Milos)

Think about how a beach on the moon would look like, then try finding Sarakiniko beach in Milos to see it and capture it live on earth.

Melissani Lake, Kefalonia Photo Credit: Marcus Ward

2. Melisani Cave (Kefalonia)

This sunken cave on the island of Kefalonia is going to take your breath away. The contrast between the imposing rocks and the turquoise waters will make your greek Instagram photos look unforgettable.

Symi Harbour North  Photo Credit: Stephen Reed

3. Symi Island

The whole of the island can be best photographed while walking on cobbled streets with amazingly colorful buildings with stone pine clad mountains as a background, overlooking the blue sea.

Meteora  Photo Credit: ZarMcKoopees

4. Meteora

Boasting a history that dates back to ancient times, Meteora, with its impressive buildings, natural beauty, and surrounding picturesque villages, is a must-see. Try explore the monasteries that are open to the public. From the top you are going to be able to snap some lovely pictures.

Ladadika , Thessaloniki  Photo Credit: Herbert Frank

5. Ladadika (Thessaloniki)

The second largest city of Greece is quite easy to fall in love with due to its beauty, chaos, history and culture as well as its remarkable cuisine and wonderful sea views. Our favorite spot for an instagram post is Ladadika in the centre, a pedestrianized area filled with bars, traditional tavernas, and coffee shops.

Rhodes Old Town – Knights Street  Photo Credit: Shadowgate

6. Rhodes Old Town

A picture-perfect location, Rhodes’ Old Town is a UNESCO-listed area. Featuring buildings from the Hellenistic, Italian and Byzantine occupation periods, the whole district oozes historicity and symmetry; elements that are essential for a great picture

Corfu Town  Photo Credit: Michael Button

7. Corfu Town

The whole of Corfu features amazing spots for pictures that are going to capture the viewers’ eye but our top pick is the old town with its Venetian architecture. In central Corfu you are going to come across with large squares and narrow streets along with cafes, restaurants and boutiques. In terms of when you should visit, bear in mind that Easter in Corfu is considered to be an ultimate must.

Cover Picture Credit: Jef Jones

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