The top 5 bars of the Aegean Islands

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Sorokos bar (Koufonisia)

Sorokos Bar Photo Credit: Sorokos Bar

In the evening, just head to Sorokos Bar. The oldest in the island, it offers lanterns and blankets for you to carry your drink out to the water’s edge. The magic comes from the way all the lights look so peaceful in the dark while waves crash on the rocks and fade. The cool breeze blowing from neighboring Keros island will give you the most relaxing summer afternoons. Your nights will liven up with the music of their guest DJs and superb cocktails. Don’t forget to taste the authentic ‘rakomelo’, a liqueur made of honey and raki, a clear spirit not infused with spices. This is undeniably, the real taste of Greece in one small shot. During the day, brunch is also served with its excellent tapas stealing the show!

Hydronetta bar (Hydra)

Hydronetta Beach Bar Photo Credit: Hydronetta Beach Bar

Located in one of the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean, Hydronetta is your ultimate choice for a relaxing and to enjoyable atmosphere in the romantic island of Hydra. At first sight, it looks as if it’s literally hanging off the cliff and it’s still somehow standing! An ideal choice for a drink or coffee with clear views of the deep blue sea, it’s also close to the island’s harbor. You will be left spellbound while enjoying exotic cocktails and jazz music. Just above the bar there is a nice restaurant with equally excellent views. Watching the sunset from Hydronetta will definitely be a life time experience! The trademark of Hydronetta is the ‘Full Moon’ parties organized regularly under the starlight sky.

Kavos Lounge Café (Skyros)

Kavos Lounge Café Photo Credit: Kavos Lounge Café

If there is a bar that is going to dazzle you during your stay in Skyros island, look no further than Kavos. Simply, an amazing place to relax in an underestimated island. Built in the northern part of Linaria bay, it provides a variety of valued choices. What is it that you get? Well, you can enjoy your cocktail, grab a quick bite or dice in the gorgeous waters below. Take advantage of the never ending views of the Aegean and unique music choices that make for an unforgettable experience. It’s a place to cherish life, with colors, music and floating imagination.

Galleraki Cocktail Bar (Mykonos)

Galleraki Cocktail Bar Photo Credit: Galleraki Cocktail Bar

Housed in a double-storied building that lies in the middle of Little Venice, Galleraki is a classic example of the traditional architecture found in Cyclades. In 1989, its first floor was turned into a bar and five years later the bar was moved to the ground floor. Its position and the unique sunset that it easily offers has been attracting thousands of tourists every year. In the afternoon, you can watch the setting sun while sipping various cocktails, such as frozen daquiries or the trademark ‘katerinaki cocktail’. In the morning, coffee and breakfast are on offer.

Sommaripa Consolato (Paros)

Sommaripa Consolato Photo Credit: Sommaripa Consolato

Perhaps the best café bar in the island of Paros, Sommaripa is perched above a little harbor in the picturesque town of Naousa, shielded from the wind. It stands out thanks to its fantastic interior, great coffee and drinks as well as its killer views. There’s no question you’ll get to taste some of the best cocktails in your life; notable the Maria Sanudo one! It’s an ideal place to unwind prior to dinner. On top of all that, the atmosphere gets even more engaging due to the super tunes that are played throughout. Hint: Try to get the coveted balcony seat that directly overlooks the harbor.

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