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The Insiders are proud to collaborate with Demokritos on a New Innovative Project called TMI Builder. We hope to change the way travel companies work, by making them more efficient, more inspiring, and more appealing to the end-client.

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What is TMI Builder?

A new inventive software, ideal for companies in the tourism industry as it focuses on the creation of tailor-made travel itineraries inclusive of all services. For example, guided tours, transfer services, and experiences designed specifically for the end-user. It will support a wide range of operations of the company and the end clients will also have access to personalized schedules. Through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Recommender Systems technologies, TMI Builder gives priority to automated processes and customization for all users.

Who does TMI Builder Target?

The tourism sector is comprised of many companies offering a vast range of services. A few businesses that TMI Builder targets are: Tour Guides, Accommodation Units, Restaurants, Travel Agencies, Transfer Companies, and more. Furthermore, a fantastic feature that this software will have is the possibility to manage the interactions between the company and the suppliers. This way assigning tasks, assignments, or checking availability will become easy.

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What is the Self-Drive App?

The end-clients will have two options depending on their preference. They can either implement the personalized travel schedules with the help of their Travel Advisor or the Activity Manager. Or, they can use the Self-Drive Application by themselves. It will provide navigation, content display, and dynamic updates for complementary activities. This will depend on the user’s location and time availability. To conclude, the goal of the Self-Drive App is to increase the traveler’s satisfaction, interaction, and dedication.

Finally, if you wish to know more about TMI Builders, please email us at [email protected]

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