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In this article, we wanted to laud spring, by traveling through Greece. We suggest our top 6 destinations in Greece that are “under the radar”. We urge you to consider these destinations for spring. They are not getting the attention they should, making them quaint havens, away from the crowds. Therefore, we wanted to suggest some beautiful mountainous destinations and a few islands and seaside towns. We can assure you that spring suits them like a glove!

One of the advantages of traveling in the spring is that you can get to know the authenticity of a place. Away from the crowds of summer, you will get to explore these destinations to the fullest. As a plus, the weather will be on your side, making the scenery more vibrant.

Some of the following destinations are better known than others. Nevertheless, no matter how different they are, they have one thing in common. During spring, they captivate us with their charm!

Makrinitsa - pelion

Makrinitsa, Pelion Magnesia

On the green mountain of Centaurs, and with a wonderful view of the city of Volos, is the traditional settlement of Makrinitsa. The so-called “balcony” of Pelion. With its beautiful architecture, cobbled streets, beautiful churches, and an ornate fountain in the square with the plane trees is one of the most beautiful spring destinations, in the lush nature of mountainous Magnesia.

Must see: Wander through the picturesque alleys of the village. Admire the Pelion architecture and the rich green of nature. The view of the Pagasitic Gulf is magnificent, especially at night. Additionally, near Makrinitsa is the traditional village of Portaria, with fresh running water, hidden in the dense vegetation and the myths of Mount Centaurs.

Food & drink: In the village, you will find what your heart desires. Restaurants and taverns with great views and traditional delicacies will surely please you. Drink your coffee in the square, under the thick shade of the plane trees, and try local sweets.

Platamonas - Pieria

Platamonas, Pieria

At the foot of Mount Olympus and above the Aegean Sea in the prefecture of Pieria, lies the town of Platamonas, with its many plane trees and wide sandy beaches. With remarkable history and great charm, especially in the spring season, Platamonas enchants everyone who visits it. Beneath the imposing castle and in the paths of the past, thoughts wander to another world. Somewhere serene, where harmony and peace reign.

Must see: It is worth visiting the fortress of the area which is well preserved and offers a beautiful view of the area as well as the traditional settlement of Palaios Panteleimonas, with its beautiful architecture, in the unspoiled natural environment.

Food & drink: Platamonas has excellent infrastructure and is a well-known tourist destination. There you will find various restaurants, taverns, and many cafes.

Ouranoupoli - Halkidiki

Ouranoupoli, Halkidiki

Ouranoupoli is a beautiful seaside village of Halkidiki, with clear blue waters, in a peaceful natural environment. It attracts many tourists, especially during the summer months. However, its charm shines during spring when nature rages and follows Dionysian rhythms.

Must see: The village is dominated by the famous Tower of Prosforios, which dates back to the 14th century and today one of the adjacent buildings houses the Community Offices. The Tower was inhabited by refugees, mainly from Propontis after 1922.

Food & drink: In the village, you will find picturesque shops to enjoy your coffee and food.

Thassos Island

Thassos Island, Northern Aegean Islands

One of the greenest islands in the Aegean, with turquoise beaches, fresh running waters, and traditional settlements, Thassos enchants the visitor and dispels its spirit, with a setting that looks like a fairy tale. With the pines reaching the beach and the crystal-clear waters raining on its shores, Thassos is a special holiday destination, and in the spring season, it acquires an additional charm, captivating everyone.

Must see: Outside the village of Kastro, there is a waterfall, which is a favorite destination for nature lovers. A small pond is formed there, on which the green of the creature is reflected. Also, for lovers of hiking, there is a beautiful path of many years, which is located outside the village of Theologos. Finally, it is worth visiting Palataki, which occupies a dominant position on the rocky cape, where the port of Lieenaria ends, and visiting the beautiful natural laggon of Giola, which is carved into the rocks!

Food & drink: Also, around the island, you will find beautiful taverns, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy your coffee and meals.

andros island

Andros Island, Cyclades

The island of Andros in the spring season bears no resemblance to the arid islands of the Cyclades. The island becomes green and the fresh running waters create the feeling that you are somewhere inland. Andros has many walking paths, which are worth walking on because there you will meet the authentic beauty.

Must see: If you are in Andros, it is worth visiting the Tower of Saint Peter, which is one of the best-preserved in the Cyclades, the Holy Monastery of Zoodochou Pigi, and the Andros Castle. Furthermore, for lovers of hiking, the island is full of trails. These trails are still in use today, because the terrain does not allow the creation of carriage roads.

Food & drink: you will find remarkable restaurants and traditional taverns, as well as cafes that will undoubtedly satisfy you.

Samos Island

Samos Island

The island of Pythagoras with its lush vegetation, sweet muscat wine, and blue beaches, is an ideal destination for all seasons, especially in spring. Get to know its beautiful settlements, its archeological sites, its churches, and its hidden blue-green coves. We guarantee that you will fall in love with Samos. Everything here in the spring season is brighter, more colorful, and cleaner.

Must see: Visit the island’s capital, Vathi, and walk in its alleys, discover the green hinterland, the cave of Pythagoras, and Heraion. Take a walk in the port of Pythagorion at sunset and drink ouzo in the picturesque Kokkari.

Food & drink: As for food, even your strangest gastronomic requirements will be met.

To start planning your spring excursion, contact one of our expert travel designers here who can suggest the best possible destinations and experiences based on your interests!

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