Mykonos: The island of the Winds


Considered the Ibiza of Greece, Mykonos is a paradise in The Cycladic group of islands that offers as many choices as it takes to satisfy even the most exigent visitor; whether it is going off on a romantic getaway and enjoying its beautiful sandy beaches or exploring the archeological treasure of the little island of Delos nearby, to partying till you drop in Cavo Paradiso.

Paradise beach Photo Credit: Kostas Limitsios

This place will cover all your needs and desires. Its diverse beauty, ranging from its characteristic windmills and architectural style, to its exclusive and popular beaches and beautiful little alleyways, and the variety of excellent food found from the local little taverns to high-end, world renowned restaurants and bars, will surely come as an unexpected and pleasant surprise for first timers.

Hora of Mykonos Photo Credit: Russ Quinlan

Despite being a bare and dry island, Mykonos makes up for its lack of lush greenery with its magnificent beaches and turquoise waters, breath-taking sunsets, its white-washed houses; and overhanging bougainvilleas, providing the perfect picturesque setting for all who come to discover its beauty.

Ano mera – Mykonos Photo Credit: Lorena Torres Angelini

Mykonos started off as a fisherman’s island, quiet and very basic, with very little access to fresh water and electricity. But in spite of all that, Mykonos was considered one of the most unique and untouched spots of the Aegean. At the time, the Island of Delos, next to it, with its ancient ruins, attracted a lot of attention, and slowly contributed to Mykonos getting more visitors eventually turning it into a trend-setting destination, quickly leading to its “stardom” status in the 1950’s. Artists, politicians, and high-society people flocked in great numbers, placing this little treasure on the map, making it THE place to be, right up to today.

Mykonos has changed a lot over the decades, with its glamorous hotels and resorts, its crazy nightlife, becoming the mecca of the LGBT, with the glitz and glam society roaming the streets, and the massive cruise ships passing by, but it has still managed to retain its own unique and original character. The visitor to this favorite hotspot should keep in mind that in high season, from June to September, it can get quite hectic and rather difficult to move around; finding places to dine or drink will be a bit difficult without reservations, and bookings for accommodation should be made in advance.

Petros Photo Credit: jojo

It is a place where you can lose yourself, wandering through the narrow alleyways of “Hora”, (the capital of the island), exploring the beautiful high-end shops, and dining in some of the finest restaurants and local taverns. And for the perfect ending to your day, you can make your way down to Little Venice to sip a delightful cocktail while watching the sunset, or take a little evening siesta before going out to party till the early hours of the morning in some of the best clubs in the world!

The beaches are known as some of the best in the Aegean. With its white sand and magical crystal waters, and its great bars and taverns on the waterfront, offering top quality service, Mykonos makes it an ideal setting to kick back and relax and soak yourself in the cool, tropical-like waters.

Some of the best spots for swimming and activites that are highly recommended are :
Elia, KaloLivadi, Panormos, and PlatisGyalos, to name a few.

Lions of Delos Photo Credit: Dottie Day

The island of Delos

If you’re looking for something different, why not take a short boat ride to the neighboring island of Delos. Considered very sacred as it is the birthplace of the twin Gods Apollo and Artemis. It was also the official meeting point of The Delian League, an association of Greek city-states, and where congresses were held in the temple; and the treasury was kept until 454BC when Pericles moved it to Athens. Its extraordinary ancient ruins and divine energy will make your trip worthwhile.

All in all, it is definitely worth your while to visit Mykonos, as it will be a trip to remember! As the saying goes, “What happens in Mykonos stays in Mykonos”.


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