Can you go swimming in Greece during October?

Only a handful of days is left until the official end of the tourist season and the question lingers: can anybody keep his summer spirits up and dare to swim in the Greek waters?

As a matter of fact, most hotels on the islands are still open, but have significantly scaled back their operations; which leaves visitors hesitating to go diving in the deep blue sea.

Weather conditions in Greece during October

Diros beach, Lakoniki Mani, Peloponesse Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

As far as the weather is concerned, the truth is that it can vary spectacularly from year to year and from week to week. Rainy days have already made their appearance, especially in the northern and western parts of the country.

According to data from the Hellenic National Meteorological Service, Athens and Thessaloniki average around 8 rainy days in October but Crete, the Peloponnese and the Cyclades see minimal precipitation.

Mani, Peloponesse Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

Online weather websites will give you temperature averages for any location in the world, including the temperature of the sea, as well as daily temperature averages, highs and lows, rainfall levels, sunset and sunrise times etc. Those are good tools to use.

Normally, there is none to very little rain – and it stops as suddenly as it appears. There’s never a guarantee, of course.

As for the temperatures, they remain quite warm during the day and they get significantly cooler as the night falls and especially towards the end of the month. That’s not to say there won’t be sunny weather in the days to come: fair weather, in Greece, is usually the case all year round and will most probably carry on well into November.

Go to Southern Greece

Lakoniki Mani, Peloponesse Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

Swimming, of course, can be a quite different and challenging ballgame regardless of the suitable weather conditions.

In general terms you should be aware that it is feasible, as long as you don’t mind the first little chill you’ll get once you first get in the water. Don’t be discouraged! It is that very moment that you need to remember that even a very quick dip will invigorate your senses and do magic on your skin.

Having said that note that if the weather is on your side, then your swimming session can be significantly prolonged since the sea is at its warmest in September/October.

However, a good idea would be to avoid going the beach on a windy day as the wind cools the surface of the water, not to mention the annoyance of the sand being pelted at your face.

The bottom line about your ability to swim is going to end up being a measurement of your endurance and constitution! Have fun and enjoy!