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In this article, we are focusing on the best spring destinations in Greece. Together we will uncover 5 off the beaten path locations that will make you pack your bags!

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. We can only enjoy the best moments of nature, in an endless feast of colors, that the Greek land gives us so generously. Everything has now been resurrected from the dormancy of winter. Our senses are heightened, inviting us to meet and discover the little paradises that are next to us!

One of the advantages of traveling in the spring is that you can get to know the authenticity of a place, away from the crowds of summer. The weather is good, without extreme temperatures and everything is cool and colorful.

metsovo- village as a spring greek destination

Metsovo Village

Metsovo – Ioannina

A beautiful, picturesque village that is distinguished for the manorial appearance of its settlements. Its special architecture, and the intensely traditional atmosphere, keeps it alive. In a wild landscape with infinite natural beauties and rare fauna and flora, Metsovo will captivate you. The stone houses with wooden and slate roofs, the cobbled streets, the fountains, and the main square, from where visitors and residents admire Metsovo, are just a part of its beauties. Forests, rivers, and the artificial lake of Aoos complete the image of a truly unique landscape.

To understand the history of Metsovo, and mainly why it developed into the largest mountain town in Greece with 3,500 inhabitants, it is enough to stand in the main square. To the north dominates the metropolis of Agia Paraskevi (13th century AD), the only church with two pulpits. On the benches to the left of the entrance of the temple, you will hear the inhabitants, leaning on their glitches, still speaking their dialect.

karpenisi village as a greek spring destination

Karpenisi Photo Credit: Constantin Pilavios

Karpenisi – Evritania

Imposing mountains and rivers that challenge you for adventure, stone-built villages, and monasteries with history. If you add the accommodation, even in villages that are difficult to find on the map, you have the complete “package” for a very promising long weekend in Karpenisi.

In spring and autumn, the colors and smells in Potamia and its traditional villages are superb. Walk in the cobbled streets of Palio Mikro Chorio and Megalo Chorio, in Voutyro, and in the nestled monastery of Prousos. And as for action in nature? You can choose between rafting in Tavropos, but also hiking, horseback riding, canyoning, cycling, 4×4 routes, and paintball. That sounds like fun, right?!

Those who want to set off on an adventure of their own, hike for kilometers, and visit the beautiful village of Fidakia, Lake Kremasta, the historic village of old Viniani and Agrafa. It will be amazing!

kalvryta village as a greek spring destination

Kalavryta Photo Credit: tjabeljan

Kalavryta – Achaea

Built on the slopes of Aroania at an altitude of 737 meters, Kalavrita is 77 km from Patras and 180 km from Athens. This area, offers excellent infrastructure for winter tourism in Greece, mainly due to the ski resort. Kalavrita, after all, is the base for the ski center (one of the largest in Greece), as well as for many nature excursions in the surrounding area. However, in spring there is a charm to Kalavryta that puts it on our list of must-see destinations.

Take walks on the main pedestrian street of the city with dozens of tourist shops, traditional cafes, and restaurants. Indulge in the special atmosphere of the settlement. Remarkable destinations in the area of ​​Kalavrita are also the two historic monasteries, Agia Lavra as well as the Cave of the Lakes near the village of Kastria and the gorge of the river Vouraikos, which is crossed by the famous cogwheel.

One of the most special monuments of the city of Kalavrita is the Place of Sacrifice. Located on the hill Kapi, located 500 meters from the center. There, on December 13, 1943, all the men aged 14 and over were led by the Germans, and were executed. Today on the back of Kapi is a large cross, reminiscent of the heinous crime. The columns surrounding the central area show the names of the families of those executed.

galaxidi village in fokida

Galaxidi Village


Galaxidi – Fokida

We present you the jewel of Fokida, the picturesque Galaxidi, just a breath from Athens. The traditional settlement, as characterized since 1978, will enchant you. Admire the colors, light, and vastness of the sea… Furthermore, its two natural ports, Agora and Chirolakas, were the naval base, crossing the entire Mediterranean.

Built in a small creek, Galaxidi strongly retains its traditional character, with the colorful captain’s houses dominating the almost cinematic setting. Restored mansions, which host small guesthouses, stone balconies decorated with ship aisles, and tiled roofs compose its beauty.

Mountainous Nafpaktos

Mountainous (Orini) Nafpaktos Photo Credit: Rallis

Mountainous Nafpaktos – Aitoloakarnania

The combination of the rich natural environment with endless forests, lakes, and rugged mountains is an ideal choice for those who love nature. At the point where Aitoloakarnania merges with Fokida, lays the mountainous region of Nafpaktos. This place has it all for those who seek to escape from everyday life, relax, have a big appetite, and are in an exploration mood.

The area’s old name is Kravara, today includes more than 45 villages. The highest one is at an altitude of 1,472 meters. The settlements created in the mountainous region of Nafpaktos developed around its main villages such as Ano Chora, and, Ambelakiotissa.

At these villages, the visitors are mainly looking for a low-key vacation, who are not afraid of the kilometers. That is why small simple guesthouses, all built of stone and in the green, rule the area. The area is also suitable for alternative activities such as hiking, rafting, mountain biking, 4×4 trails. The old paths that connect the villages still exist and lead through ravines to incredible landscapes.

sheep on a mountain in greece

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