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Firstly, the Cycladic air, secondly the Greek smells, and thirdly, the enchanting landscapes. Mykonos welcomes visitors from every corner of the globe, who visit it to get to know its beauties up close. After all, it is no coincidence that it is one of the hottest destinations in the world in recent years. It combines absolute relaxation with fun and excellent food, while it is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the most luxurious vacation, which will be unforgettable.

As every year, the preparations started early, for everything to work flawlessly during the summer, and really, it is worth focusing on the new entries of the island that will catch everyone’s eye. However, we cannot forget about some restaurants that have been around for a few years, but are as excellent as they were when they first opened! Therefore, we waited until the season reached an end to select the top restaurants in Mykonos.

Unique design, delicious flavors, below are our top restaurant picks for Mykonos.

Ceresio7 Mykonos by

Ceresio7 Mykonos Photo Credit: Ceresio 7 Mykonos

Ceresio 7

Mykonos has been the favorite island of Dsquared2 for years and it was time to build their restaurant. This is the second business step of the famous designers on the island, after the boutique they opened seven years ago. Ceresio 7 is located in the old garden of Filippi in Matogiannia, with Elio Sironi in charge of its kitchen. Therefore, the famous chef, combines the classic signature flavors and recipes of Italy, with highly subversive combinations that will seduce even the most demanding.

  • Website: Ceresio 7
  • Tel: +30 22890 77615
  • Our Pick: Tagliatelle al Pesto e Caciucco (Tagliatelle with basil cream, courgettes and prawns gravy)
Noema Mykonos Restaurant

Noema Mykonos Photo Credit: Noema Mykonos


Athenagoras Kostakos created his paradise in the renovated courtyard of Uno con Carne in Chora. The talented chef has built a postmodern Cycladic restaurant, with 100% Greek raw material, which emphasizes baking on an open fire. Nevertheless, one of the signature dishes of Nōema is the ‘antikristo’ lamb with smoked salt and fennel powder and the salad with Cretan cherry tomatoes and fresh soft cheese. Additionally, Nōema comes from the well-known team of the beach bar Scorpios of Mykonos and is offered for those who want to live an unforgettable, culinary experience!

  • Website: Noema
  • Tel: +30 22894 48277
  • Our Pick: All the cocktails

Mykonos Social by JASON ATHERTON
Photo Credit: Mykonos Social by Santa Marina

Mykonos Social

The invasion of brands seeking their place under the bright sky of Mykonos continues, and this year the Island of the winds was more international than ever. ‘Mykonos Social’ with the signature of the millennium and philhellene chef Jason Atherton was what we had been waiting for since last year. Inside the luxury hotel ‘Santa Marina’ of Ornos the Mykonian restaurant, has an all-day dining concept that was creative with Mediterranean, and Greek shades.

  • Website: Mykonos Social
  • Tel: +30 22890 23220
  • Our Pick: Roasted sea bass with orzo pasta, basil pesto and sundried tomatoes

Pere Ubu

Costas Tsigas transfers the phase of ‘Pere Ubu’ from Glyfada to the new hotel ‘Kalesma Mykonos’, in a more restaurant form, however, always with the relaxation of a Mykonian bar-restaurant. Initially, start with raw and Greek appetizers. Furthermore, try the beef with roasted béchamel garlic and black truffle. Moreover, order the sautéed mussels with Mykonian sausage, fennel, tomato, and thyme. Finally, after the roast lamb with risotto in lamb broth, goat butter, and dry mizithra, cooked in a stone oven, you will understand the fine qualities of this restaurant.

  • Website: Pere Ubu
  • Tel: +30 22890 772222
  • Our Pick: Sea Urchin and Organic Avocado Toast
KAZARMA mykonos restaurant

Kazarma Mykonos
Photo Credit: Kazarma Mykonos


The spirit of ‘bistronomy’ inspires Nikos Karathanos for the menu of the restaurant at the hotel ‘Kazarma Mykonos’. For instance, the delicious menu has beluga lentils with tomato pulp pesto, kataifi, feta, and citrus vinaigrette. After that, who can resist?

  • Website: Kazarma Mykonos
  • Tel: +30 22890 28256
  • Our Pick: Lamb Chops on the grill with deep-fried greens, hummus, and yogurt with sumac
coya-mykonos on TripAdvisor

COYA Mykonos
Photo Credit: COYA Restaurant on TripAdvisor

Coya Mykonos

A new addition to the island of winds, Mykonos comes to introduce us to new Peruvian flavors that satisfy even the most demanding palates! COYA Mykonos officially started its operation in June, in the heart of the old cosmopolitan city, in Matogiannia. They managed to welcome distinguished guests, traveling them through unique dishes and flavors to new enchanting cultures. Similarly, inspired by Peruvian cuisine, it comes to tie in with the Cycladic air of Mykonos, ensuring a unique journey into the depths of Latin America. In the same vein, the menu consists of a combination of high gastronomy and imaginative combinations that can awaken all your senses! Finally, in the outdoor area of ​​the restaurant, you can enjoy relaxing music evenings with your friends accompanied by original cocktails and sounds.

  • Website: Coya Mykonos
  • Tel: +30 22890 22515
  • Our Pick: Papa Sec: King oysters, shimeji, yukon, sweet potatoes, summer truffle
Bandanna Pizza on Mykonos

Bandanna Mykonos
Photo Credit: Bandanna Mykonos

Bandanna Mykonos

After a break of one year, the great demand ‘convinced’ the famous Italian chef Gian Luca Barlucchi to return to Mykonos. Along with his stable and tested team, he welcomed us again to Bandanna Mykonos Restaurant & Pizzeria. However, this time in a new, excellent place with a warm and comfortable environment along the road just before Ano Mera. Nevertheless, Bandanna still brings a rich menu with delicious Tuscan meat, seafood, and pasta. Finally, at Bandanna Mykonos together with the mouthwatering food, you will enjoy nice music around beautiful people and you will have fun with them in the elegant space in the new location!

  • Website: Bandanna Mykonos
  • Tel: +30 22890 71800
  • Our Pick: Pizza Kalafatis: Mozzarella, tomato, mushroom, and cooked ham
Krama Mykonos on TripAdvisor

Krama Mykonos
Photo Credit: Krama Mykonos on TripAdvisor

Krama Mykonos

Although it is in its second season, Krama poses among the top fine restaurants of Mykonos. In a sophisticated space, walking distance from Matogianni that ensures the necessary privacy, you will have a delightful meal. To clarify, this year the renowned chef Giannis Parikos took over. In addition, with his excellent know-how, creative spirit, and using the most exquisite products, he highlights the fine version of Greek cuisine. Consequently, he offers a culinary journey through the flavors and aromas of Greece!

  • Website: Krama Mykonos
  • Tel: +30 22890 28788
  • Our Pick: Veal ‘Pastitsio’: Slow-cooked veal with calamarata pasta, gruyere béchamel, and truffle
M-Eating - onion pie - Mykonos restaurant

M-Eating Mykonos
Photo Credit: M-Eating Mykonos on TripAdvisor


Although, he has every reason to be proud of his reputation in the gastronomic life of Mykonos, however, the ‘host’ of the restaurant M-eating, a native of Mykonos chef Panagiotis Menardos does not rest on his laurels. On the contrary, we have proof that he is on top of his game. As a result, the Cycladic gastronomy goes one step further through a renewed menu that shows a clear commitment to Mykonian raw materials, imaginative experimentation and, refined executions.

  • Website: M-Eating
  • Tel: +30 22890 78550
  • Our Pick: Mykonian Onion Pie

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Main Image by Kazarma Mykonos

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