Honeymoon in Mykonos: What to do and Where to Stay

Honeymoons in GreeceMykonos

Dreaming of a Mykonos honeymoon? Imagine sipping on your champagne surrounded by white-washed houses with their Myconian blue shutters and doors. It’s just the two of you, lost in a moment of pure bliss. Indulge in the local flavors at a seaside taverna or dance beneath the stars. It’s the ideal start to your forever together, in a place that’s charmed lovers and stars alike.

We all know for a fact Santorini is one of the best Honeymoon destinations, but what about Mykonos? Let’s find out!

Ready for a refreshing day, a table by the poolside is set with a bottle of wine, oranges, and sunglasses, capturing the essence of a leisurely vacation.

Best Hotels to stay at in Mykonos for your Honeymoon

Kick off your married life by picking the best hotel in Mykonos for your honeymoon. Wouldn’t you love waking up to epic sea views, top-notch comforts, or service that makes you feel like royalty? Mykonos’s hotels have it all. Dive into our hotel list and choose the hotel that is perfect for you and your other half.

A tranquil poolside scene at Kalesma Hotel in Mykonos, inviting relaxation and enjoyment.


Escape to Kalesma Mykonos, where luxury whispers in the breeze. It’s a little slice of Greek paradise. ‘Kalesma,’ meaning ‘to welcome,’ perfectly captures its vibe. With just a handful of one-bedroom havens and a couple of grand villas, each corner of this hideaway invites newlyweds to enjoy their stay. Capture the sunrise over Ornos Beach and afterward stroll down for breakfast with a magical view.

A birds-eye view captures the elegant curves of a luxury hotel's pools alongside the tranquil Mediterranean Sea.

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

Nestled between the buzz of Mykonos Town and the quaint port lies this gem. The island’s so-called “cave hotel,” where every nook is worth a snapshot. Each space here, from the chic rooms to the plush villas, has a slick design with an earthy nod. Interested in a room with a view? We’ve got you covered. Or maybe a dip in your private hot tub or pool? Say no more. Plus, there’s an infinity pool that melts into the horizon, a gym, a spa, and a restaurant with tasty Mediterranean bites. It’s the ideal spot to unwind with your special someone as the sun dips into the sea.

This image shows a modern and minimalist bedroom in the Myconian O hotel in Greece. It has a king-size bed with white linens, a white couch, and a white armchair. The walls are white, and the floor is wood. There is also a large window that looks out onto the sea.

O By Myconian Collection

Say hello to “O by Myconian Collection”. Located on the shores of Ornos Bay, this beachfront beauty boasts 65 stunning rooms and suites. They are all about that eco-chic life and doorstep access to the hottest beach bars, and restaurants. Dive into the island’s vibe with beach yoga under the full moon or unwind at the O Wellness Spa. If chilling is more your style, visit the Oasis pool zone with its luxe loungers. As night falls, put your dance shoes on and enjoy live tunes adorned with those epic Mykonos sunsets.

This image shows a beautiful infinity pool with a breathtaking view of the ocean. The pool is surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees, and the water is crystal clear. The sky is blue with a few white clouds, and the sun is setting in the distance. The overall impression is one of tranquility and relaxation.

Bill & Coo Suites

We urge you to check out Bill & Coo Suites if you are keen on staying near Mykonos Town, yet still want your privacy. Their awesome suites and killer sea views are nothing compared to their private hot tubs! Plus, they are just up the hill from downtown Mykonos, so those sunset views? Absolutely unbeatable.

A photo of a living room with a table and chairs next to a swimming pool that overlooks the ocean.

Royal Myconian Resort

Escape to this love-themed resort, where romance is in every detail. Picture heart-adorned beds and plush cushions in your suite, complete with its pool. Steps away from Elia Beach, you’ve got your own slice of sandy paradise, a massive pool to lounge by, a soothing spa, and three bars plus a restaurant. It’s all here, waiting for you.

A black and white photo of a table and chairs set up outdoors under a pergola on a balcony, overlooking the ocean. The table has a white tablecloth and is set with white plates and cutlery. There are also two white chairs. The pergola is made of wood and has a white roof. The whole area is surrounded by lush greenery. The sky is cloudy and the ocean is blue. The overall impression is one of tranquility and relaxation.

Branco Hotel

Imagine waking up at a beachfront hotel, where Platys Gialos beach is right at your doorstep. Step out and you’re in the sand, ready to lounge at the beach bar or take a dip in the pool. And for food? The beachside restaurant dishes have amazing Greek flavors, all thanks to their award-winning chef. The rooms? Bright and breezy, each with its private balcony.

Nighttime view of Katikies hotel in Mykonos pool with glowing lights and surrounding buildings.

Katikies Mykonos Hotel

If you’re after a peaceful, romantic spot, Agios Ioannis is it. And Katikies? It’s beachside with suites that let you wake up to sea views, some even come with your private pool. Perfect for a romantic getaway.

Minimalist hotel room with wooden furniture and whitewashed walls.

My Mykonos Hotel

Looking for romance in Mykonos? My Mykonos Hotel by Ornos Beach, with its classic decor and hearts above the beds, is a top pick. Think meals under the stars, a sea-facing pool, and spa pampering just for the two of you.

The photo shows a luxurious Mykonos hotel room decorated in white with a balcony overlooking the ocean and a swimming pool.

Lyo Boutique Hotel

Want to stay in Super Paradise? Lyo Boutique Hotel has got amazing beach views from most of its rooms and what is there else to say? You’re at one of the most famous beaches on the island!

Tranquil poolside view at Petasos Hotel and spa in Mykonos, with boats adding a touch of romance under the starry sky.

Petasos Beach Resort & Spa

Tucked away on a private peninsula with breathtaking views of the Aegean, Petasos Beach Resort & Spa defines luxury in the Greek Islands. As a gem among the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, it’s your invite to unmatched spa pampering, exquisite Greek dining, and lounging by the pool. Dreaming of a romantic getaway or a honeymoon in Mykonos? Opt for our Deluxe Room with a private pool, you can thank us later!

man in bathing suit standing and woman with a green bathing suite lying on the sunbed of the pool at Panoptis Escape Mykonos Boutique Hotel.

Panoptis Escape

Panoptis Escape, nestled on Mykonos’ sunny south coast, offers the ultimate blend of relaxed luxury and authentic local adventures. With their boutique villas, each boasting a private pool and stunning 360° Aegean Sea views, your stay promises exclusivity and tranquility. It’s not just a getaway; it’s an extraordinary journey.

Sun-drenched Mykonos paradise: Infinity pool lined with plush sunbeds spills towards the sparkling Aegean Sea. Lush greenery and palm trees frame the picture-perfect scene.

Kivotos Mykonos Hotel

If you’re eyeing a secret spot by Ornos Beach, this is it. Picture perfect views, your own stretch of beach, and a hideaway vibe. Their rooms blend modern with classic, all thanks to local talent. And yes, some rooms even have their very own pool.

Blissful balcony retreat at Mykonos Princess Hotel: Mykonos suite boasts a private jacuzzi overlooking the Aegean Sea, complete with a refreshing lemon water setup.

Mykonos Princess Hotel

Imagine your fairy tale at Mykonos Princess Hotel perched above Agios Stefanos Beach. Wake up to stunning sea and island views, indulge in soothing massages and beauty treatments, take a dip in the pool, and dine under the stars at the open-air restaurant.

Pool stretches towards the Aegean Sea, lined with comfy sun loungers under sunshades.

Greco Philia Boutique Hotel

With its Cycladic architecture, the Greco Philia Boutique Hotel boasts amazing views of Elia Beach. Enjoy their spacious pool, unwind at the spa, and savor drinks at the cocktail bar or meals at the on-site restaurant.

Overlooking the vibrant Mykonos town, with its white buildings clustered around a turquoise bay, where boats gently bob in the breeze.

What to see and do in Mykonos

Chora, the heart of Mykonos, is a picturesque maze of narrow lanes, with whitewashed houses, quaint churches, and bright blue balconies. By day, it’s a tranquil Cycladic village; come afternoon, it transforms into a buzzing tourist haven. Everyone’s drawn here for those stunning sunset moments by the iconic windmills and the quaint, colorful waterfront of Little Venice. So, welcome to the Island of the Winds!

A woman enjoys a moment of leisure, sitting by a charming storefront on a sun-drenched street in Mykonos.

Shop on Matogianni Street

Wandering through Mykonos Town, you’ll inevitably hit Matogianni Street, the hotspot for high-end shopping right in the heart of the island. Remember, Mykonos buzzes with global visitors yearly. For a more relaxed vibe, aim to explore Matogianni before 11 AM, just as the island’s day begins.

A traditional windmill overlooks the white buildings of Mykonos, with the blue sea stretching out to the horizon.

Admire the Windmills of Mykonos

Did you even go to Mykonos if you haven’t snapped a pic in front of those iconic windmills? Just a short walk from downtown leads you to one of the island’s prettiest spots, where tourists flock for that perfect shot. These 16th-century beauties are everywhere – on postcards, magnets, you name it.

The iconic Paraportiani Church in Mykonos, Greece, stands proudly against a clear blue sky. Its striking white walls, characteristic of Cycladic architecture, glow in the sunlight. The church's smooth curves and rounded domes, painted in a dazzling white, are accentuated by the contrasting dark wooden door and window frames. In the foreground, the traditional Greek patterned cobblestone path leads up to the entrance, inviting onlookers into this historic and serene sanctuary.

Visit Paraportiani Church

In the heart of Kastro, you’ll find the stunning Panagia Paraportiani, Mykonos’ oldest and most unique church. It’s a mix of five chapels, each facing a different direction, making it a dream spot for photography lovers. Built from the 15th to the 17th century, it’s famous for its iconic dome and its 500-year-old silver iconostasis inside. A must-see for its beauty and history.

Evening falls on the charming seaside dining area in Little Venice, Mykonos, with tables set up for a beautiful night ahead.

Have a drink in Little Venice

Tucked away in Chora, Little Venice is a gem you can find just by walking towards the famous windmills. It’s a picturesque spot right on the water, where cozy cocktail bars and restaurants are the go-to for couples looking for that perfect romantic setting. All of this is set against the beautiful Aegean blue. It’s the epitome of Cycladic charm. Grab a table at sunset and see for yourself.

Ancient stone lions stand guard over the ruins on Delos Island, silently telling tales of Greece's rich history.

Go to Delos, the UNESCO-protected island

Once you’ve checked off Mykonos’ must-sees, consider setting sail to Delos and Rhenia islands. Delos, a UNESCO-guarded archaeological site, is steeped in ancient mystique and said to be the source of Mykonos’ allure. Over in Rhenia, you’ll discover secluded emerald beaches across an island that’s bigger than Delos but often overlooked. These islands not only deepen your appreciation for the area’s history but also promise some of the best swims you’ll ever have.

Boats float on the crystal-clear waters of a bustling Mykonos beach, a favorite spot for sun-seekers and sea-lovers.

7 Romantic Beaches in Mykonos

Mykonos’ beaches are exactly what you dream of when picturing a Greek island getaway – and they’ve got something for everyone. Party animals have their spots for wild beach bashes, while other beaches cater perfectly to couples and honeymooners. No matter what, your Mykonos trip is going to be packed with dips in the sea. Below are our 7 beach picks!

Beachgoers enjoy the sun and clear turquoise waters at the bustling Paradise Beach in Mykonos.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is an international hotspot for epic parties that go on all night. Not the best pick if you’re after some quiet time away from the lively bachelor and bachelorette scenes. But if you’re in the mood to party till dawn, you’ve found your spot. Plus, its sandy beaches and deep blue waters are perfect for a swim.

Visitors savor a day at Psarou Beach in Mykonos, enjoying the sun-dappled Mediterranean waters from the shore and boats.

Psarou Beach

Just a quick 10-minute drive from downtown, you’ll hit Psarou, arguably the island’s most stunning beach. Think Hollywood stars and billionaires basking on its golden sands. With its clear waters and upscale vibe, it’s a must-visit, especially for honeymooners looking for that extraordinary touch.

A serene view of Platys Gialos Beach in Mykonos, where the coastal vibe is as inviting as the clear blue sea.

Platys Gialos Beach

Platys Gialos might be bustling and loved by families, but don’t let that hold you back. Its stunning views, plus the cool beach bars and restaurants close by, are enchanting. You can dive into different water sports for an exciting day out. Another plus, getting there’s easy too!

Holidaymakers bask in the sun and wade into the inviting waters of Elia Beach, framed by the scenic hills of Mykonos.

Elia Beach

Elia Beach is a hit among couples in Mykonos, offering everything from cozy sunbeds and umbrellas to thrilling water sports like skiing and jet-skiing. Plus, there are three spots to grab a bite, serving mouthwatering Mykonian cuisine.

A peaceful day unfolds as a few beachgoers relax on the golden sands of Agrari Beach, with the calm blue waters gently lapping at the shore.

Agrari Beach

Agari tucked away next to bustling Elia Beach, offers a peaceful escape. It’s set up with sunbeds, umbrellas, and plenty of water sports. Just a heads-up, the water gets deep pretty quickly here. But trust us, its breathtaking beauty is totally worth the visit.

A lively scene at Panormos Beach where people are scattered across the sand, enjoying the sparkle of the sun on the water.

Panormos Beach

Tucked away, Panormos Beach is a hidden gem, celebrated for its stunning natural beauty under the protection of Natura 2000. As you wander its shores, you’re greeted by the enchanting scent of wild thyme. There are a couple of restaurants, a chic beach bar, and a quaint tavern that feels like a secret spot with just a few tables.

The tranquil waters of Paraga Beach in Mykonos invite a quiet escape beneath the clear blue sky.

Paraga Beach

Just 6 km south of Mykonos’ Chora, Paraga Beach offers a lively scene with its well-known Scorpios beach bar. As the day wears on, the music turns up, and the vibe hits its high. You can get there by bus, car, or boat – easy!

An intimate seaside dining setup awaits, complete with fresh fruits and chilled drinks, with a traditional boat floating peacefully in the background.

Local Myconian products and dishes to try on your Honeymoon

Mykonos isn’t just about stunning views; its mouthwatering cuisine plays a big part in its charm. Greek food, with its Mediterranean roots, knows exactly how to wake your taste buds. Here, it’s all about simplicity and freshness, capturing the heart of Greek culinary tradition.

Myconian products

Mykonos is famous for its delicious cheeses and cured meats. The star of the show is “louza” sausage, made from local pork and seasoned with spices like cloves and oregano. It’s best enjoyed thinly sliced.

“Kopanisti” cheese, spicy and made from goat’s and sheep’s milk, is a local favorite. It’s aged with natural curd and gets its grainy texture and kick from fermentation.

For pie lovers, “tyrovolia” is a must-try. This soft, white cheese is a key ingredient in Mykonos’ savory pies and is surprisingly mild.

A simple yet inviting snack setup with fresh bread and a bowl of traditional kopanisti spread, ready to be enjoyed.

Myconian dishes

“Mostra” a beloved Myconian snack, blends crispy double-baked bread with tangy “kopanisti” cheese, much like the Cretan “dakos.” It’s jazzed up with juicy tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of oregano, and a few capers.

Mykonos’ cuisine also dives into variety, offering everything from game meat and seafood delights like “patelides” (limpets) and “houhouliani” (sea snails) to local greens and mushrooms. Whether it’s the earthy “amanites” or the unique “moschamanites,” the island’s dishes are a testament to its rich culinary diversity.

The iconic Mykonos windmills bask in the warm glow of the setting sun, creating a picture-perfect end to the day.

Plan your honeymoon trip to Greece and explore Mykono’s magic sunsets and idyllic views. Wrapping up all the wonders of Mykonos, it’s clear this island is a paradise not just for those seeking sun and sea, but also for food lovers, adventurers, and especially honeymooners. With its sandy beaches, legendary parties, and mouthwatering cuisine, a Mykonos honeymoon offers the perfect blend of romance, luxury, and cultural exploration. From the charming streets of Little Venice to the tranquil beauty of secluded beaches and the rich flavors of local dishes, every moment here promises to add a magical touch to your new journey together. Mykonos is truly a place where love and beauty meet at every corner. It is considered one of the best Greek islands to honeymoon.

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