How much does a honeymoon in Greece cost?

Wondering about a honeymoon in Greece cost? You’re not alone; The costs of a Honeymoon in Greece can vary considerably, with factors such as accommodation, activities, and duration influencing the overall expenses. For instance, opting for budget-friendly options may lower the total cost to around $1,000, while indulging in a luxury experience for seven days could exceed up to $3,500.

However, regardless of the budget, Greece offers a breathtaking setting for a romantic getaway, with its stunning landscapes, rich history, and charming coastal towns ensuring an unforgettable experience for newlyweds. We’ve got you covered with a practical guide to help you navigate through the expenses for a worry-free, love-filled getaway.

Honeymoon in Greece cost on average

Spontaneity is fun, but not when it comes to honeymoon finances! Planning a budget might not sound romantic, but it’ll save you stress and ensure more adventures together.

Let’s break down the key costs to avoid dipping into your future vacation fund and keep the romance alive!


Wondering about the cost to fly to Greece for your next trip? Prices can swing between $800 to $1,500 for a return ticket—depending on where you’re flying from, when you’re planning to travel, and which airline you choose. A good deal is all about timing and flexibility; book early, be open with your dates, and check out various airports. You might just snag a sweet deal!


Greece has something for everyone, even your wallet! Expect to spend between $100-$500 per night on hotels, depending on what kind of experience you want. A whole week can range from $700 to $3,500, so make sure to plan ahead! ️


Tasting the flavors of Greece is like a seaside holiday on a plate. You’ll find yourself drawn to the local spots, where a meal might range from $13 to $22. It varies, of course — it depends on which Greek spot you’ve chosen to unwind, the kind of place you’re dining at, and whether you fancy a drink with your meal. Pro tip? Grab some fresh produce from nearby markets to keep your spending in check.


Greece has tons of free fun: beach days, exploring charming towns, and soaking up the sun. But it can be tempting to splurge on cool stuff like guided tours and snorkeling adventures (super worth it, by the way!). Do some research on entry fees for museums and plan activities around them for budget-friendly fun. ️If you’re island hopping, factor in ferry costs too!

The image depicts a series of classical Greek sculptures and friezes, possibly exhibited in a museum setting, with natural light illuminating the space through large windows_Explore Athens’ historic museums_Athens Honeymoon

Daily costs

Exploring Greece means budgeting for delicious eats, getting around, and all the must-see spots. Plan on spending about $50 to $100 daily per person on food. You’ll find that hopping on a bus or train is quite wallet-friendly, setting you back just $10 to $20 each day. And for those extra special tours and souvenirs? Tuck away an extra $50 to $100. Happy travels!

Affordable Greece Honeymoon Island Destinations

Ready to explore Greece’s hidden gems and iconic sites? Get ready to fall in love with sun-soaked islands, ancient ruins whispering secrets, and breathtaking scenery. Let’s find your perfect adventure by choosing one of the best Greek islands for Honeymoon.

a couple dressed as a bride and groom overlooking the sea sitting on sunbeds getting their picture taken


Imagine strolling through Santorini’s idyllic streets, where the white gleam of the villages meets the endless blue of the sea. It’s a lover’s paradise, alive with the glow of the setting sun. Meander through Oia’s inviting lanes, stumble upon quaint shops and warm cafes. Share a moment over the majestic views from Skaros Rock, then sail away on a catamaran to secret shores and soothing springs. And let the historic whispers of Akrotiri remind you of a love as enduring as time itself. A Santorini honeymoon is synonymous with luxury and romance!

A couple takes in the panoramic view of Mykonos town, with the man pointing out towards the sea, as they both enjoy a sunny day on their honeymoon.


Mykonos lives two lives: party paradise by day and romantic haven by night!

Explore the colorful streets of Mykonos Town, then lose yourselves in Little Venice’s charm at sunset. Dance the night away or steal a kiss on pristine beaches. Mykonos has something for everyone – find your perfect balance!

The most romantic Honeymoon experience awaits in Mykonos.

A couple is walking hand in hand on a sandy beach with clear blue waters and rocky formations nearby.


Crete calls with whispers of legends and vistas that steal your breath. Discover Knossos, the labyrinthine heart of ancient myths, where echoes of Minos and the Minotaur linger. Wander through Chania’s picturesque harbor, a canvas of Venetian artistry kissed by the sun’s last golden rays. Find solace in Elounda’s peaceful embrace, where blue waves brush against the embrace of mountains, offering a slice of luxury in secluded villas. Here, your journey weaves into the island’s timeless romance. A honeymoon in Crete is as romantic as anywhere in Greece.

A vibrant image of St. Paul's Bay in Rhodes, Greece, showcasing a beautiful beach scene with thatched umbrellas and sun loungers along the shoreline. The inviting turquoise waters are calm and clear, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Boats are moored in the bay, and swimmers dot the water, enjoying the warm Mediterranean sun. The bay is surrounded by rocky hills and lush vegetation, with the ruins of an ancient acropolis perched atop a hill, adding a touch of historical grandeur to the picturesque landscape. The sky is a brilliant blue, complementing the vivid colors of this idyllic seaside setting.


Feeling like royalty? Explore Rhodes’ charming Old Town with its medieval vibes and grand castles.Get lost in the Palace of the Grand Master, a place where whispers of love stories echo in the air.

Stroll through the Valley of the Butterflies, a serene sanctuary bursting with beauty. Rhodes offers romance around every corner, whispering tales of love both past and present.

A coastal town at dusk with lights reflecting on the water, viewed through an ancient stone doorway.


Naxos awaits with its endless beaches, sweet villages, and peaceful vibes. Imagine walking hand in hand on Agios Prokopios beach, with its clear waters and soft sands, perfect for a cozy picnic. Wander through Chalki, where old Venetian homes line the quaint streets. Take a hike to the Temple of Apollo, under the watchful eye of the god of love. Here in Naxos, love and calm blend beautifully, painting the perfect scene for your honeymoon.

What is a good budget for Honeymoon in Greece?

Thinking about a week-long honeymoon in Greece? Here’s a quick budget breakdown:

  • Flights could set you back $800 to $1,500 each.
  • A place to stay might range from $700 to $3,500 for the whole week.
  • Plan to spend about $350 to $700 on other daily bits and bobs per person.

All in, you’re looking at around $1,850 to $5,700 per person for the trip. Just keep in mind, these are ballpark figures and could shift depending on what you pick.

A couple taking a selfie with the Acropolis in the background, highlighting a common tourist activity at this historic site in Athens_Tour the Acropolis_Athens Honeymoon

Money saving tips

Want to save some cash on your trip? Consider traveling in the off-season. You’ll not only cut down on costs, like cheaper hotel rates but also enjoy fewer crowds. Think about visiting Greece from December to February for a winter getaway. Customizable Honeymoon trips to Greece might be cheaper and more to your taste.

a boat cruising in the aegean sea_Combining Athens with more honeymoon destinations in Greece_Athens Honeymoon

Which is more affordable for a honeymoon: Greece or Italy?

Though both Greece and Italy offer budget-friendly travel options, Greece often comes out as the more affordable choice. This could be thanks to lower-priced stays and daily expenses, especially on the less touristy Greek islands.

Wrapping it all up, if you’re eyeing a honeymoon in Greece, cost-wise, you’re looking at a sweet spot between affordability and adventure. Opting for off-peak travel can further ease the budget.

Happy planning for your Greek getaway!