Honeymoon in Greece: Complete guide, tips, locations, and ideas

Honeymoons in Greece

Are you envisioning a honeymoon in Greece filled with romance and charm? Let’s dive into what you should know.

Having navigated the excitement of engagement and the whirlwind of wedding preparations, it’s time for the most enjoyable chapter – your honeymoon. Among the myriad of idyllic honeymoon destinations, Greece consistently emerges as a top choice.

Bathed in glorious sunshine, rich in cultural marvels, offering culinary delights, and framed by breathtakingly romantic vistas, Greece stands as an eternal honeymoon favorite.

Eager to embark on your Mediterranean adventure? Here’s your comprehensive guide to organizing an unforgettable honeymoon trip in Greece.

The Best time to Experience Greece on your Honeymoon

When is the best time to visit Greece? The image shows a vibrant scene from the Plaka neighborhood in Athens, with a narrow lane flanked by brightly painted houses with classic Cycladic architecture. Lush green plants and vivid pink bougainvillea frame the pathway, creating a picturesque and inviting atmosphere. The clear blue sky and warm sunlight suggest spring or summer, ideal seasons for exploring the historic charm of Greece's capital.

There’s truly no wrong time when to visit Greece, especially for a honeymoon, but some months offer a warmer and livelier experience. The capital city of Athens enjoys its prime weather from May through September, with temperatures often in the delightful 80s. For those eager to dive into Greece’s vibrant nightlife, the peak tourist season from early July to late August is ideal. This is the best time to visit Greece if you’re looking to enjoy bustling bars, restaurants, and beach clubs, all brimming with fellow travelers ready to celebrate your union.

However, consider the charm of Greece’s shoulder seasons, spanning from April to early May and late September to October. The temperatures are cooler yet pleasant for a swim in the Mediterranean. Plus, with fewer tourists around, you’ll get the chance to experience a more serene, almost private Greek escape during your honeymoon.

Best Greek Islands for Honeymoon

While the mainland of Greece has its charms, the islands are the true gems for a Greek romantic vacation. Below are some top picks for your honeymoon on a Greek island.


Santorini's iconic scenery unfolds with a stunning sunset illuminating the sky in warm hues of orange and pink. In the foreground, a traditional Greek terracotta amphora and an old wooden boat rest atop a whitewashed rooftop. Overlooking the calm Aegean Sea, the volcanic islands create a striking silhouette against the vibrant sky. This tranquil vista captures the essence of the island's enchanting beauty, making it a coveted destination for travelers worldwide.

Santorini, the pinnacle of romantic destinations in Greece, is a dream for those planning a luxury honeymoon in Greece. Immersing yourself in the magic of the iconic Santorini sunset is an essential experience for any couple, followed by a retreat to an exquisite cave hotel for some serene moments together. For adventurous couples, Santorini offers cliff jumping, scenic hiking trails, and ATV rides. If relaxation is more your style, the island’s renowned black sand beaches are a must-visit. A dip in the soothing hot springs is universally acknowledged as an ideal activity for a Santorini honeymoon. Given the high demand for those idyllic honeymoon suites, early booking is recommended to secure your preferred room or hotel.


Mykonos' bustling harbor comes to life in this vibrant image, showcasing the island's signature white-washed buildings with colorful doors and windows, all bathed in bright sunlight. Iconic windmills stand guard on the hill, overlooking the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, while boats dot the shoreline and a clear blue sky stretches overhead.

For couples who thrive on excitement and revelry, a Mykonos honeymoon is the ultimate choice. Renowned as the epicentre of Greek festivity, this small island offers grand beach parties. Engage in vibrant day-to-night celebrations at famed beach clubs, indulge in shopping sprees along Matoyianni Street, and experience some of Europe’s most stylish hotel stays.

Mykonos isn’t just about high-energy parties; it’s also a haven for romantic getaways in Greece. Wander through the charming streets of Little Venice, and enjoy an intimate dinner for two. Paradise Beach is the perfect backdrop for a blissful honeymoon relaxation. Adventure-seekers can explore underwater wonders with scuba diving or take a day excursion to Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And for the luxury aficionados, Mykonos offers world-class shopping – be sure to save some space in your luggage for those unique finds!


Milos showcases its unique coastal charm in this aerial view, featuring a quaint seaside village with traditional white buildings and blue accents. Small boats float in the calm, turquoise waters near a rugged peninsula, where a standout white church with a blue dome adds to the picturesque setting.

Milos, a gem among the romantic islands in Greece, offers an idyllic setting for a Milos honeymoon. It’s perfectly off the main tourist track, providing an intimate and manageable ambience. Skip the car rental – the island’s quaint, narrow, and often dirt roads are ideal for cozy rides on a four-wheeler. Explore the island’s stunning beaches, each offering its unique charm, and conclude your days with a romantic evening of fine wine and sumptuous seafood at any of the island’s charming seaside cafes.


Paros embodies the quintessential Greek island charm in this image, where a woman in a flowing summer dress and a wide-brimmed hat stands admiring a typical Cycladic alley. Bright pink bougainvillea blooms cascade down the white walls of the surrounding buildings, which are complemented by the deep blue of the Aegean Sea in the background.

Discover where the azure sea kisses the vast sky in a spectacle of colors on your Paros honeymoon, a romantic haven in Greece. Paros, a jewel of the Cyclades, is renowned for its breathtaking beaches and charming, traditional villages – epitomizing the essence of Greek splendor. The island caters to a wide array of preferences, offering numerous activities to suit every taste. Its scenic beauty, quaint villages, and pristine beaches render it an exquisite destination for couples seeking a serene and intimate retreat to celebrate their union.

Explore must-visit sites like the historic Ekatontapyliani, the intriguing Archaeological Museum, and the majestic Castle of Parikia. Experience the charming ambience of Naoussa, a picturesque fishing village, where Greek culinary delights await. During your stay, immerse yourself in exhilarating water sports or set sail to Antiparos or the Small Cyclades, adding adventure to your romantic Greek escape.


A serene aerial view of the crystal-clear turquoise waters near Antiparos, Greece. Several boats are anchored near the rugged coastline, which is dotted with arid hills and sparse vegetation. A small group of people can be seen swimming in the inviting water, enjoying the seclusion and natural beauty of the surroundings. The sky above is clear and expansive, adding to the tranquil atmosphere of this idyllic setting.

While Mykonos and Santorini are often the stars of the Cyclades, Antiparos stands out as one of the best places in Greece for a honeymoon, especially for couples seeking tranquility and an authentic island experience. This quaint slice of heaven boasts serene golden beaches, enchanting aquamarine coves, and mesmerizing caves adorned with glittering stalactites and stalagmites. The lush landscapes of Antiparos are perfect for scenic hikes. In its main town, Chora, you’ll discover a historic medieval castle and an array of sophisticated shops and dining spots. Here, seafood delicacies are a staple, especially near the sandy shores. Antiparos is an ideal destination for a romantic honeymoon.


A panoramic view of Tinos, Greece, showcasing the unique Cycladic architecture with whitewashed buildings and blue accents lining the coast. In the background, the rugged, barren hills rise steeply, with scattered houses dotting the slopes leading up to a prominent mountain peak. The clear blue sky adds a vibrant backdrop to the earthy tones of the landscape, highlighting the traditional and picturesque setting of this Aegean island.

Consider a “Tinos honeymoon” for an ideal experience on the best Greek island for a honeymoon, especially appealing to those who prefer not to take additional flights. Tinos is conveniently accessible by ferry from the mainland, making it a perfect choice. Renowned as Greece’s “spiritual heart,” the island is dotted with numerous churches and is famous for its religious celebrations. While Tinos may be less frequented by international tourists, its understated charm is precisely what makes it special. Popular among Greek locals for domestic retreats, it offers stunning shorelines comparable to any renowned beach destination, but with the added benefit of fewer crowds to share the sun and sea with.


A breathtaking view of a beach in Crete, Greece, with the stunning blue and turquoise hues of the Mediterranean Sea creating intricate patterns in the shallow waters. The sandy shore curves gently into the sea, forming natural lagoons and sandbars. A few boats float peacefully on the water's surface, and sun loungers are sparsely dotted along the beach. In the distance, a rugged cliff face looms, adding a dramatic edge to the otherwise serene landscape under a bright, clear sky

Crete, the largest island in Greece, is a treasure trove of activities, making it the best honeymoon spot in Greece for couples who love to explore. With its rich historical sites, exquisite dining experiences, inviting azure waters, diverse shopping options, and scenic hiking trails, Crete offers an endless array of experiences. Immerse yourselves in the island’s ancient charm and quaint villages for a honeymoon that might just tempt you to stay forever.

As the largest Greek island, Crete is also an ideal destination for a leisurely honeymoon. Begin your journey in the enchanting town of Chania, boasting a stunning Venetian harbor perfect for romantic strolls. The lighthouse provides breathtaking views, and the town is dotted with restaurants offering waterside dining. Crete’s southern location means it enjoys excellent weather, boasting around three hundred sunny days a year, ideal for lounging on its spectacular beaches. The island also offers romantic activities like horseback riding, luxurious spa treatments, and exclusive adults-only resort stays, ensuring a romantic Crete honeymoon.


An enchanting view of a secluded cove on the island of Corfu, Greece. The cove is framed by steep, rugged cliffs covered in lush greenery, descending into the vibrant turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. Boats leisurely navigate the clear waters, and a small, sun-drenched beach is visible at the base of the cliffs, offering an inviting spot for relaxation.

Embark on your Corfu honeymoon by soaking up the sun on the island’s Adriatic shores during the day and exploring the enchanting Venetian streets of Corfu Town at night. Corfu, known for its exquisite hotels and the captivating views of the Albanian coast, offers a unique perspective on the Greek island experience. Indulge in the local flavors with an Olive Oil tasting tour, or immerse yourself in Greek culture by visiting the island’s numerous Orthodox churches and monasteries. One of the highlights of a romantic Greece getaway in Corfu? The opportunity to hop on a ferry to Sarande, Albania, for a day, effortlessly blending your honeymoon with visits to two Balkan countries. While in Albania, don’t miss the chance to visit the stunning beaches of the Albanian Riviera, including the breathtaking Ksamil beach, renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Balkans.


An aerial shot of the iconic Navagio Beach on Zakynthos Island, Greece, with the famous shipwreck resting on white sands. The cove is flanked by high limestone cliffs, providing a natural enclosure to the stunning turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. A large sailing vessel is moored offshore, while beachgoers are speckled across the sand, some exploring the shipwreck.

A Zakynthos honeymoon often conjures images of serene relaxation and playful moments on the island’s most iconic beach. Navagio, also known as Shipwreck Cove, is famous not only for the ship that met its fate there in 1982 but also for its dramatic cliffs, making it one of the most scenic locations in the Balkans. The thrill of reaching this beach by boat adds an adventurous touch to your Greece honeymoon. Wildlife enthusiasts will cherish the opportunity to snorkel with Zakynthos’s renowned loggerhead turtles – just remember to choose an ethical tour operator to ensure the turtles’ safety. For an unforgettable romantic evening, witness the breathtaking sunset from the Kerri Cliffs. And if you’re exploring other islands from this list, remember that Zakynthos is also an ideal destination for families with young children, so there’s always a reason to return in the future!


A picturesque view of the coastal village of Fiscardo on the island of Kefalonia, Greece. The scene is vibrant with colorful buildings in shades of yellow, pink, and orange, nestled against a backdrop of lush greenery and the towering mountainous terrain of the island. The tranquil emerald waters of the Ionian Sea hug the shoreline, reflecting the bright facades of the waterfront houses. Foregrounded by delicate pink oleander blooms, the image captures the charm and serene beauty of Kefalonia, inviting onlookers to its idyllic shores.

While Kefalonia may not be as widely recognized as Santorini, Crete, or Mykonos, it stands as an equally enchanting destination for a Greek island honeymoon. This hidden gem brims with romantic potential, boasting stunning beaches, sightings of sea turtles, and numerous quaint island villages for idyllic getaways. Adventure-seekers on their Kefalonia honeymoon can revel in exceptional scuba diving, explore on horseback, or hike through the scenic Mount Ainos National Park. For food enthusiasts, the island offers intimate food tours and a visit to the local Kefalonian Brewery. Plus, its proximity to Zakynthos (Zante) makes Kefalonia an ideal base for exploring not just one, but two Greek islands, enriching your honeymoon experience. Discover 8 captivating experiences on Kefalonia island for your honeymoon.


A vibrant image of St. Paul's Bay in Rhodes, Greece, showcasing a beautiful beach scene with thatched umbrellas and sun loungers along the shoreline. The inviting turquoise waters are calm and clear, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Boats are moored in the bay, and swimmers dot the water, enjoying the warm Mediterranean sun. The bay is surrounded by rocky hills and lush vegetation, with the ruins of an ancient acropolis perched atop a hill, adding a touch of historical grandeur to the picturesque landscape. The sky is a brilliant blue, complementing the vivid colors of this idyllic seaside setting.

Embark on your Rhodes honeymoon by arriving in Rhodes Town, then journey to the enchanting Lindos. This picturesque town is adorned with traditional white-washed cliffside houses and boasts breathtaking beaches. Lindos is a sought-after wedding locale, especially among British couples looking to marry in the Greek Isles, and is replete with numerous secluded romantic spots. Explore the ancient Acropolis of Lindos, perched above the town, and venture out on day trips to discover the island’s other significant attractions. If you spend time in Rhodes Town, don’t miss the chance to visit its UNESCO World Heritage site – Medieval City of Rhodes a highlight among the many activities in Rhodes. Additionally, indulge in relaxing massages and savor the burgeoning food scene. Rhodes is a top choice among Greece honeymoon locations, so early booking is advisable to secure your preferred resort or room.


An aerial view of Molyvos, a historic town on the island of Lesbos, Greece, with its traditional stone houses with terracotta roofs clustered on the hillside. The town slopes down to the Aegean Sea, with a small harbor visible at the water's edge. Overlooking the town is an impressive medieval fortress, standing as a sentinel on the lush hilltop.

Lesbos has been a romantic refuge since the days of the ancient Greek poet Sappho, making it one of the most romantic places in Greece for a honeymoon. It’s an ideal destination for mature couples seeking a serene island escape. Among the top experiences in Lesbos are birdwatching at the Kalloni Salt Pans, exploring the historic Mytilene Castle, and marveling at the island’s renowned Petrified Forest. For a breathtakingly picturesque scene, visit Panagia Glykofilousa, also known as the “Church of Our Lady of the Sweet Kiss,” an enchanting location to commemorate your union. Don’t miss the opportunity to wander through the charming village of Molyvos, where romantic strolls along cobblestone streets await.


A serene view of Panormos Beach on the island of Skopelos, Greece. The cove is surrounded by steep, verdant hillsides that slope down to the calm, turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. White boats are leisurely anchored near the shore, while sunbathers enjoy the pebbled beach shaded by a multitude of colorful umbrellas. Rich greenery, including pine trees and shrubs, frames the scene, highlighting the natural beauty of Skopelos and providing a tranquil setting for a perfect beach day.

Skopelos, famously recognized as the backdrop for the film “Mama Mia!,” offers the perfect setting for couples to enact their own musical love story on their honeymoon. Despite its cinematic alias, the island’s real-life charm exceeds its on-screen portrayal. During your Skopelos honeymoon, take time to discover the delightful town of Chora, renowned for offering the island’s finest cuisine. The island is dotted with splendid beaches like Velanio and Limnonari, and yes, you can visit that iconic seaside white church, Agios Ioannis, near the town of Glossa. For fans of the film, consider joining a Mama Mia! tour, a fun excursion if you and your partner are enthusiasts. Skopelos stands out as the best Greek island for honeymooners seeking a less trodden path, yet still desiring to immerse in authentic Greek island culture. Its slightly more remote location means fewer tourists, allowing for a more intimate and unique experience.


A quaint alleyway on the Greek island of Amorgos, characterized by its traditional Cycladic charm. The narrow lane is flanked by white-washed walls and houses with blue shutters and doors, typical of the Greek islands. A rustic outdoor taverna setup with wooden tables and pastel blue chairs invites passersby to sit and enjoy the peaceful ambiance. Vibrant pink bougainvillea flowers cascade down the walls, adding a splash of color to the sunlit scene.

Following your wedding, whether grand or intimate, a secluded romantic retreat awaits on your Amorgos honeymoon. Amorgos, a hidden gem in the Cyclades, is celebrated for its striking beauty. This enchanting island, encircled by the crystal-clear blue and turquoise waters that inspired the film “The Big Blue,” is an ideal Greek island honeymoon destination.

Amorgos captivates with its traditional whitewashed houses, charming windmills, quaint fishing ports, and stunning beaches, providing everything needed for a memorable honeymoon. Choose from the best accommodations, ideally situated near both the serene beaches and tranquil villages. The island offers a range of hotels, nestled in classic Cycladic buildings, equipped with modern comforts, and staffed by welcoming hosts, ensuring a delightful stay.


An idyllic view of Poros, Greece, featuring the deep blue waters of the Saronic Gulf. The foreground shows a sandy beach lined with colorful umbrellas and a scattering of beachgoers, leading to a small, bustling port where boats are docked. Rising behind the port is a hillside densely packed with traditional Greek houses in shades of white, yellow, and red, interspersed with lush greenery. A prominent white building with a red roof, possibly a church, stands out amidst the verdant landscape. Fluffy white clouds drift in the bright blue sky above, completing this picturesque scene.

Poros, an enchanting island (or rather, two islands linked by a bridge), lies just a short ferry journey from Athens, making it a splendid choice for a honeymoon trip in Greece. Immerse yourself in the delightful waterfront dining scene and cafes, then wander up to the island’s most iconic structure, the stunning white clock tower. For a more intimate experience, consider renting a boat for a private excursion to the nearby islands of Hydra or Aegina, or enjoy a leisurely tour around Poros itself. For a unique adventure, explore the quaint fishing village of Drios, where traditional Greek cuisine and picturesque landscapes await. Whether you choose to dedicate a few days solely to Poros or incorporate it into a larger island-hopping cruise from Athens, it promises to be a memorable part of your honeymoon.

Best Mainland Honeymoon Destinations in Greece

What captures the essence of romance more swiftly than a Greek island sunset? Yet, Greece’s charm isn’t limited to its islands alone. Many towns on the mainland are just as enchanting and romantic. We’ve curated a list of the top mainland honeymoon destinations in Greece.


A stunning twilight scene in Athens, with the ancient Hadrian's Library columns in the foreground, providing a glimpse into the city's rich historical past. In the middle ground, warm lights illuminate the neoclassical architecture of the city's buildings, while the majestic Acropolis stands illuminated on the hilltop in the background. The sky is painted with soft hues of blue and orange as the day transitions to night. Lush greenery and blooming pink flowers add vibrancy to the scene, reflecting the enduring beauty and cultural heritage of Athens.

An Athens honeymoon offers the ideal blend of urban elegance and rich cultural experiences, making it the best city in Greece for a honeymoon. Imagine rooftop dining with the illuminated Parthenon as your backdrop, wandering hand-in-hand through the ancient Agora, or immersing yourselves in Athens’ vibrant nightlife. The city also serves as a prime starting point to explore stunning nearby attractions, such as the beautiful seaside temple at Cape Sounion, or for day trips to other notable cities like Delphi. For couples wanting to experience both mainland Greece and the charm of Greek island life, Athens is conveniently located near three islands, perfect for day cruises or as an additional honeymoon destination. Need more details? Check our comprehensive Athens travel guide.


The breathtaking landscape of Meteora, Greece, during golden hour, with its famous monasteries perched atop towering rock formations. The ancient sandstone pillars rise dramatically from the ground, supporting historic structures that have been places of monastic solitude for centuries. The verdant trees and bushes that dot the landscape emphasize the natural beauty and serenity of the area. Soft sunlight bathes the scene, casting a warm glow on the rocks and the distant mountains, creating a harmonious blend of nature and spiritual architecture in this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Meteora, often visited as a day trip from Thessaloniki or Athens, truly deserves a few days to be fully appreciated, especially for a Greece romantic vacation. Consider staying in the nearby village of Kastraki to savor the stunning scenery at a leisurely pace. This destination can either be a highlight in a broader mainland Greece journey, perhaps as part of a road trip, or it can be the central focus of your honeymoon. Meteora isn’t just about its breathtaking beauty; it also offers excellent hiking and photography opportunities. For those planning a Greek honeymoon during the winter, Meteora is particularly magical, with its majestic monasteries beautifully blanketed in snow.


The ancient ruins of the Tholos at the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia in Delphi, Greece. This panoramic image captures the circular structure with its remaining Doric columns set against a backdrop of the lush Parnassus mountains. The archaeological site is scattered with remnants of classical architecture, including broken columns and stone blocks, amidst wildflowers and olive trees. The grandeur of the site is palpable, as it overlooks a valley filled with the rich greens of the mountainous terrain, under a clear blue sky that once witnessed the oracles of antiquity.

Delphi, a favored day trip destination from Athens, presents a wealth of experiences for those who opt to stay beyond a single day, especially for a Delphi honeymoon. During your honeymoon in Delphi, it’s essential to explore the Oracle at Delphi and the surrounding ancient ruins, which are not only steeped in history but also offer breathtaking views. Additionally, Mount Parnassos, known for being one of the finest ski resort towns in the Balkans, makes Delphi an exceptional choice for a winter honeymoon in Greece, blending ancient wonders with modern ski adventures.


Overlooking the coastal town of Nafplio, Greece, this image features the historic Bourtzi Castle, a fortress on a small islet in the harbor, reflecting on the calm blue waters of the Argolic Gulf. In the foreground, traditional terracotta-tiled roofs of Nafplio's old town buildings present a warm, earthy palette, interspersed with the occasional greenery of trees and the iconic tall palm. The town's architecture, with its neoclassical facades and balconies, speaks of its rich history.

For those who prefer to avoid additional flights or boat trips, a Nafplio honeymoon, just a two-hour drive from Athens, is the perfect choice. Esteemed as the most romantic city in the Peloponnese and a beloved destination for couples and newlyweds, Nafplio offers the charm of being Greece’s first capital city.

In Nafplio, you’ll find exquisite accommodation in beautifully restored and renovated neoclassical buildings, equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Imagine starting your day with breakfast in lush gardens and enjoying fantastic views from your balcony, setting the tone for a day of exploration.

A honeymoon in Nafplio presents a variety of romantic experiences. A highlight is the formidable Palamidi fortress, which dominates the cityscape. Reach it by car, or for the more adventurous, climb the 999 steps to the top for a breathtaking view of the old city and the sea. Nafplio truly embodies the best city in Greece for a honeymoon, offering a blend of historical grandeur and romantic vistas.


Monemvasia, with its captivating landscape and diverse recreational options, has long been a cherished destination for couples, making it an idyllic spot for a honeymoon. Its romantic ambience is complemented by a variety of accommodation choices, setting the stage for an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

This renowned fortress town is recognized as one of the most romantic getaways in Greece, enchanting visitors throughout the year. The medieval fortress, still inhabited and teeming with history, adds a unique charm to Monemvasia.

Newlyweds will find an abundance of activities to enjoy – from swimming at secluded beaches and visiting historic sites to exploring the natural wonders of the Peloponnese and engaging in aquatic sports.

Best resorts in Greece for couples

Throughout the Greek islands and the mainland, a plethora of romantic resorts await honeymooners. Below is a brief selection to begin your journey in finding the ideal resort for your stay.

Hotel Grande Bretagne, a Luxury Collection in Athens

The historic Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens, captured at night with its majestic façade beautifully illuminated. The hotel stands as a beacon of luxury and elegance in the heart of the city, with its neoclassical architecture and glowing lights adding to the vibrant nightlife of the Greek capital.

We always recommend beginning your journey in Athens, as the capital city uniquely encapsulates the essence of a nation’s culture, though it offers a distinct experience from island life. For those who treasure the grandeur of classic hotels on their Athens honeymoon or during a luxury honeymoon in Greece, Hotel Grande Bretagne is an exemplary choice. Its rooftop bar boasts the city’s most spectacular view, while the suites exude a refined and romantic atmosphere.

Katikies in Santorini

The luxurious Katikies Hotel in Santorini, Greece, with a stunning infinity pool that seems to merge into the azure expanse of the Aegean Sea. The poolside area is adorned with elegant sun loungers and a lush palm tree, offering a relaxing spot for guests to bask in the Mediterranean sun. The hotel's iconic whitewashed architecture, with smooth curves and clean lines, contrasts beautifully against the clear blue sky, creating a serene and exclusive atmosphere. In the distance, the caldera's dramatic cliffs provide a breathtaking backdrop, making this setting picture-perfect for a memorable getaway.

Katikies, a glamorous hotel in Santorini, is a dream destination for a Santorini honeymoon. Featuring three stunning infinity pools, an award-winning restaurant, and breathtaking views of the caldera, it’s conveniently located just a five-minute stroll from the heart of Oia. The hotel offers rooms with private indoor or outdoor Jacuzzis or plunge pools, making it one of Santorini’s finest hotels. At Katikies, your dream honeymoon becomes a reality with its unparalleled ambience of exclusivity and romance, further accentuated by candlelit dinners on terrace restaurants.

Cosme, a Luxury Collection Resort in Paros

The serene Cosme Hotel in Paros, Greece, presents a tranquil outdoor setting with a sleek private pool. The pool's still turquoise waters mirror the clear Greek skies and offer a refreshing escape, complemented by a comfortable daybed with plush blue cushions for relaxation. The hotel's exterior, painted in the traditional white of the Cyclades, harmonizes with the natural stone accents and green foliage, encapsulating the essence of Grecian elegance. A straw-covered pergola provides shade over a quaint patio set, perfect for enjoying the panoramic sea views in the warmth of the Aegean sun.

Paros, celebrated for its exquisite beaches, swimming, and sunbathing, is a prime choice for a honeymoon, conveniently situated between Mykonos and Santorini. We highly recommend Cosme, a local resort renowned for its beachfront location with its proximity to the charming town of Naoussa, adding to its appeal. Additionally, we must express admiration for their sister property, Parilio, a member of Design Hotels. Praised for its romantic and charming ambience, Parilio is complemented by a dedicated team, making it one of the best places to stay in Greece for a honeymoon.

Kalesma in Mykonos

The luxurious Kalesma Hotel in Mykonos offers a serene and sophisticated outdoor space with a stunning infinity pool that blends seamlessly into the Aegean Sea. Wooden sunbeds and stylish outdoor furniture provide a perfect setting for relaxation and soaking in the breathtaking panoramic views. The hotel's elegant design, with its clean lines and modern aesthetic, complements the natural beauty of the Mykonian landscape. The open view to the sea, under the clear sky, invites guests to enjoy the calm and beauty of the island, making for an unforgettable experience at this exclusive Greek retreat.

Couples with a flair for design will be enchanted by Kalesma, a haven of minimalist elegance in Mykonos. This property embodies the essence of tranquility, featuring sleek white designs, a comprehensive spa, villas boasting private pools, a sunset lounge, and numerous other amenities for a serene retreat post-wedding. It stands as one of the best places to stay in Mykonos for a honeymoon.

Blue Palace Elounda, a Luxury Collection Resort in Crete

The Blue Palace Hotel in Crete offers a stunning private pool with an infinity-edge that overlooks the tranquil blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The pool area is framed by elegant, cream-colored loungers and majestic cypress trees, typical of the Cretan landscape, which stand tall against the clear sky. The stone pool border and terrace provide a natural yet refined touch to the luxurious setting. In the distance, the view is graced by the historical island of Spinalonga.

Indulge in unparalleled luxury at Blue Palace Elounda, a five-star resort on Crete, perfect for a Crete honeymoon. This resort caters to every preference, offering a variety of accommodations from sea view rooms to bungalows with private pools. Enjoy the tranquil Elounda Spa, two swimming pools, and diving platforms leading into the crystal blue sea. For an unforgettable honeymoon experience, choose a room in The Haven, featuring the resort’s most exclusive and private suites, complete with breakfast, dedicated staff, and a private beach area.

Domes Aulus Zante in Zakynthos

The Domes Aulus Hotel in Zakynthos provides a tranquil and luxurious poolside experience, with the pool's glassy waters reflecting the first light of dawn. The elegantly arranged sun loungers and white umbrellas offer a relaxing setting for guests to unwind. Beyond the pool, a beautifully arranged private beach awaits, leading to the serene Ionian Sea that stretches to the horizon.

Immerse yourself in an idyllic setting where breathtaking vistas and tranquility set the stage for your love story. The clear Greek sky creates an idyllic canvas for your Zakynthos honeymoon.

Find solitude on Zante’s most coveted beach, where the views merge into the horizon. Luxuriate in king-sized beds amidst opulent surroundings. Revitalize with exclusive beauty treatments and romantic couples’ massages.

For those desiring a day of sheer luxury, relax on the beach until dusk or enjoy a secluded picnic. Returning to your room, you’ll be welcomed by the soft light of champagne and a bed adorned with rose petals, symbolizing the enduring romance of Domes Aulūs.

Plan your honeymoon trip with us and get ready for the most luxurious romantic vacation ever! Start HERE.

Romantic things to do in Greece

Greece, a land of diverse delights, has something special for every couple. The country is dotted with opulent and romantic hotels, tempting you to stay in and bask in their luxury. However, venturing out reveals the myriad of attractions, sites, and experiences.

Below are some suggestions to kickstart a lifetime of shared adventures.

Embark on a Memorable Sunset Cruise Adventure

 A serene sunset cruise experience is captured as the sun dips low on the horizon, painting the sky in shades of orange and gold. A single sailboat is anchored in the calm sea, its silhouette etched against the fiery backdrop of the setting sun. The tranquil waters reflect the golden light, creating a path of shimmering brilliance leading to the boat, inviting onlookers to imagine a peaceful journey under the vast, colorful sky.

Reserve some time at sea with a private half or full-day sunset cruise or catamaran journey to ignite the romance of your honeymoon. This allows you to relax on deck, bask in the sun, dive into snorkeling or scuba adventures in crystal-clear waters, or celebrate your union with a bottle of Champagne on board.

Discover the Delights of a Wine Tour and Winery Visit

Experience a delightful wine tour on a sunny terrace in Santorini, Greece, where a table is elegantly set with a selection of local wines. Each glass, filled with either white, rosé, or red wine, captures the essence of the island's rich viticulture. The tasting is paired with a platter of gourmet cheeses, olives, and traditional accompaniments, enhancing the flavors of the wine. The table overlooks the breathtaking caldera with its deep blue waters, and the scenic view is adorned with wildflowers and the rugged landscape of the island.

Greece is a treasure trove of wineries, many of which offer enlightening tours, tastings, and insights into the ancient art of Greek viticulture. For a unique experience, consider a private tour at the T-onios vineyard on Tinos Island, where they produce a limited 20,000 bottles annually from a vineyard that traces its roots back over 2,000 years.

If you’re unfamiliar with Assyrtiko, this trip might turn it into your favorite wine. Immerse yourself in the unique flavors of the islands by exploring the volcanic wines through exclusive tours at Boutari Winery and Vassaltis Vineyards in Santorini, or Moraitis Winery in Paros.

Experience a Local Cooking Class

A couple joyfully participates in a cooking class, standing at a modern kitchen counter filled with vibrant, fresh ingredients. The woman, with a smile on her face, is seasoning a salad with an orange pepper grinder, while the man beside her looks on with an amused expression. The kitchen is well-equipped and stylish, with a variety of cookware and utensils on display, including a bowl full of lemons and a selection of pots, hinting at the delicious dishes they are about to prepare.

Dive into the flavors of Greece with a hands-on cooking class. Together, discover the art of making dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves), master the intricacies of spanakopita (spinach pie), or learn the secrets of preparing saganaki, a delectable fried cheese dish.

Alternatively, join a cooking class led by a local chef, where you’ll not only learn about traditional Greek cuisine but also explore the world of Greek wines, perfectly paired with each dish.

Explore the Natural Beauty of Greece on a Hiking Adventure

 A breathtaking view from within the Samaria Gorge on Crete, perfect for a hiking adventure. A rustic wooden path leads hikers through the narrow passage between towering, weathered rock walls. The gorge's steep sides are a tapestry of earth tones, from deep browns to golden hues, complemented by the greenery of tenacious plants clinging to the rock face. The clear, shallow stream running alongside the path adds a serene element to the scene, inviting nature enthusiasts to traverse this ancient natural wonder under the bright Cretan sky.

For those seeking adventures beyond the sea and sand, consider exploring the Samaria Gorge. This gorge is among the longest in Europe and presents a demanding yet rewarding five-to-seven-hour hike. The breathtaking landscapes encountered along the way make the journey truly worthwhile.

Honeymoon in Greece cost

que view of a secluded cove on the Greek coast, offering an idyllic setting for a honeymoon. The crescent-shaped beach is lined with sunbeds under blue umbrellas, facing the clear turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. Lush greenery envelops the area, providing a vibrant contrast to the white sandy shore. A charming hotel overlooks the beach, suggesting a peaceful and romantic getaway.

The cost of a honeymoon in Greece varies, with the peak season months of June, July, and August typically being more expensive. In contrast, the shoulder months of March through May and September through October are generally more affordable. Planning ahead for flights and hotels is crucial; for example, flight prices can range from around $800 in May to as high as $2,344 in August.

A Greek honeymoon for two can cost anywhere from $1,000 for budget-friendly options to over $3,500 for a seven-day luxury stay. The choice of how to allocate your budget depends on personal preferences. High-end travelers might opt for hotels at $1,000 per night, but there are plenty of exquisite resorts that don’t require such a splurge.

Additionally, dining in Greece is relatively more affordable compared to the U.S. Daily food and drink expenses can be less than $100 per person, offering substantial savings compared to other honeymoon destinations where even a simple appetizer and cocktail can cost that much.

Smart Saving Tips for Cutting Costs on your Honeymoon in Greece

A charming alley on a Greek island, reminiscent of the budget-friendly yet enchanting experiences available for honeymooners. The narrow cobblestone street, bordered by pristine white walls and dotted with vibrant pink bougainvillea, invites romantic strolls. Quaint doors and intricate wrought-iron staircases add to the picturesque ambiance. The tranquility of this traditional setting provides an intimate escape, showcasing that a honeymoon in Greece can be both memorable and economical with smart saving tips, such as choosing to explore the less tourist-trodden paths and savoring the simple beauty of the islands.

While aiming to create a romantic and unforgettable honeymoon, it’s also wise to avoid beginning your married life with the burden of vacation debt. One of the most effective ways to save money is by traveling outside of peak season. Opting for the shoulder seasons can lead to significant savings on flights, and hotels, and even make it easier to book popular restaurants and activities. For Greece, consider traveling in April, May, or early June, or during September and October. These months offer the dual benefits of lower costs and pleasant weather, ensuring your honeymoon is both affordable and enjoyable.

Additionally, make sure to let your hotel concierge know you’re on your honeymoon. Many hotels are open to offering complimentary upgrades or special perks to honeymooners, adding an extra touch of luxury to your stay without additional costs.

In conclusion, a honeymoon in Greece offers an unparalleled blend of romance, adventure, and cultural richness. From the idyllic sunset cruises in Santorini to the historic charm of Athens, and the serene beauty of lesser-known gems like Monemvasia and Poros, Greece caters to every honeymoon fantasy. Whether indulging in luxury at exclusive resorts, exploring ancient ruins, savoring local cuisine in cooking classes, or embracing the natural beauty on hiking trails, the experiences are as diverse as they are memorable. Smart planning, such as traveling during the shoulder seasons and communicating with hotel staff, can enhance your experience while offering significant savings. Ultimately, a Greek honeymoon is not just a trip but a journey through a land of myth, beauty, and the kind of romance that legends are made of.

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