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Embark on a journey that starts in Athens, a city with millennia of history, before heading to the mesmerizing islands of Mykonos and Santorini for your honeymoon. In Mykonos, join a jeep tour to uncover the island’s hidden gems and witness a breathtaking sunset. Your adventure continues in Santorini, where the stunning landscapes, volcanic beaches, and crystal-clear waters await. Dive into the local culture with a cooking class and enjoy an intimate dinner hosted by locals. This trip isn’t just a vacation; it’s a celebration of love in some of Greece’s most iconic locations.

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Yassou (Hello)! I’m Julia, your travel advisor. I’m here to take you on an adventure, through Greece’s landscapes and fascinating history. Imagine exploring ruins with stories relaxing on pristine Mediterranean beaches and savoring the delicious flavors of Greek cuisine. I have a knack for creating tailor made itineraries that perfectly balance adventure and relaxation. Whether you’re enchanted by Santorini’s washed buildings, fascinated by Athens ancient wonders or intrigued by the lesser known gems on the islands and Mainland- I’ve got everything covered for you. Get ready to experience the warmth of hospitality at every turn—every step will reveal a chapter of this captivating journey.


Arrive in Athens and enjoy a day at leisure

Your adventure starts as you land at Athens International Airport, where our private driver will be waiting to take you to your hotel in the heart of the city. Your afternoon is free to wander through the lively Plaka District, conveniently close to where you’re staying. This area is perfect for experiencing Athens’ rich culture and vibrant street life. Additionally, consider visiting one of the city’s excellent rooftop bars. These spots offer stunning views over the city, including the Acropolis, making them perfect for enjoying a sunset with a glass of Greek wine and some local snacks. This experience is an ideal beginning to your honeymoon in Athens, especially when staying at one of the best hotels near the Acropolis.

Athens private Acropolis & Acropolis Museum tour

Today, you’ll explore the ancient city of Athens, a place rich in history dating back over 5,000 years, guided by an expert local. This tour is an essential part of your honeymoon in Athens, giving you an intimate look at the Acropolis of Athens and the Parthenon. You’ll walk through the same paths as historical figures under the guidance of someone who knows every story behind the stones. The journey includes a visit to the Athens New Acropolis Museum, where you’ll see incredible artifacts, from statues to carvings, that bring the past to life.

Arrive on Mykonos Island by plane and enjoy day at leisure

Your journey to Mykonos begins with a convenient transfer to Athens Airport for your flight to this sought-after island getaway. Upon arrival in Mykonos, you’ll be taken directly to your hotel. After checking in, you’ll have three days to enjoy at your own pace. Mykonos, ideal for your honeymoon, invites you to wander its maze of narrow streets, home to art galleries, boutiques, and unique shops. Don’t miss the chance to see the famous Mykonos windmills, an emblematic sight overlooking the town. Your stay at the best hotel in Mykonos, promises a blend of relaxation and exploration.

Mykonos off-road adventure: jeep safari tour

Today, you’re going on a half-day jeep safari tour to see parts of the island not usually found in guidebooks. This tour offers a unique look at Mykonos beyond its famous beaches and nightlife, focusing instead on its rustic heart and secluded shores. You’ll get a closer look at local life by stopping at quaint villages, ancient monasteries, bustling fishing ports, and an outdoor market. Experience Mykonos’ agricultural side with a visit to an organic farm, complete with a tasting of fresh, Greek products for lunch. For those wondering about what to do in Mykonos, this tour in Mykonos offer a memorable way to explore the island’s diverse attractions.

Enjoy a sailing experience

Take a five-hour trip from Mykonos to Delos, offering a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. You can even try sailing during the short journey from Tourlos port. Once there, enjoy swimming in crystal-clear waters and relaxing on peaceful beaches. Lunch will be served on board, adding to the experience. Upon returning to Chora Mykonos, your day trip is complemented by exploring the local dining scene and enjoying the lively nightlife. These Mykonos day trips are an ideal way to experience the beauty and excitement of the area.

Catch a Ferry to Santorini Island & enjoy an afternoon at leisure

Next on your journey is the iconic island of Santorini, a destination that needs no introduction. After transferring you to Santorini in the morning, you’ll have the entire day to unwind or explore at your own pace. Consider a photo tour to capture the island’s stunning beauty, from the historical site of Akrotiri to the picturesque village of Oia, known for its winding streets and breathtaking views of cliffs and the caldera. As you’re on a Santorini honeymoon you will be staying at on of the best luxury hotels in Santorini, where we promis you’ll find unparalleled beauty and relaxation here.

Enjoy a sunset cruise

Spend your morning exploring Oia at your own pace, where charming boutiques and stunning caldera views await. Later, embark on a private catamaran for a sunset sailing cruise, a highlight of Santorini tours. You’ll pass by the island’s unique red and white beaches, the historic Venetian Lighthouse, and other notable sights. Take the opportunity for a swim in a secluded bay while the crew gets your BBQ ready. Then, savor a freshly prepared seafood meal with drinks on board. The climax of the experience is the famous Santorini sunset, known worldwide for its breathtaking beauty, making it clear why this is the best of Santorini.

Join our expert guide for an exclusive wine-tasting experience

Explore Santorini’s renowned wineries on a half-day wine tasting tour, where you’ll visit three traditional wineries set against the island’s stunning backdrop. Discover the unique characteristics of Santorini’s ancient vineyards, including the impact of its volcanic soil on wine production and the history of winemaking on the island. You’ll have the opportunity to taste a diverse selection of 12 wines, including the crisp whites and sweet varieties that Santorini is famous for, particularly the indigenous Assyrtiko grape. Each tasting is paired with local cheeses and snacks, enhancing your experience. Learn about the island’s distinct viticulture as you tour a volcanic vineyard and the cellars of each winery. This tour not only offers insights into wine production but also tips on where to buy Santorini wine to take a piece of the island home with you.

Depart from Santorini to Athens by plane

As your Greece honeymoon comes to an end, enjoy one final breakfast before checking out of your hotel. Our driver will then ensure you are transferred to the airport comfortably for your journey back home.


The Dolli

The DOLLI adorns Athens and celebrates the unique journey of every honeymooner. Step into an exquisite dining experience with the Acropolis in view, where every bite captures the essence of Athens. Live fully and explore deeply. With endless layers to reveal and countless details to uncover, this isn’t just another hotel.


Domes Noruz

Find your slice of paradise at Domes Noruz, a boutique spa hotel in Mykonos. Nestled in Agios Stefanos, the stunning pool is the centerpiece of daytime fun. Enjoy gourmet meals and fine cocktails against a backdrop of gorgeous views, iconic beaches, and lively nightlife. Unwind at the Soma Spa, then as evening falls, join the excitement at Domes Noruz Mykonos, an ideal luxury retreat for couples.

katikies kirini

Katikies Kirini

Katikies Kirini in Santorini, located in the enchanting village of Oia, offers an incredible experience for your honeymoon in Santorini. This hotel stands out with its stunning backdrop and panoramic views of the Caldera, ensuring every moment is filled with beauty. The combination of luxurious service and a setting that seems plucked from a dream makes your stay uniquely memorable. The design of Katikies Kirini is a perfect harmony of elegance and relaxation, featuring a spa that invites tranquility and well-being, mirroring the enchanting essence of the island. Positioned in Oia, the hotel provides a front-row seat to the island’s famed romantic sunsets. Nestled in the iconic Caldera of Santorini, Oia is renowned for its exquisite dining options and distinctive shops.

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