Planning your Ultimate Greece Romantic Vacation

Honeymoons in Greece

Ready to start planning your ultimate Greece romantic vacation? Greece is the perfect backdrop for your romantic vacation as it offers numerous romantic landscapes, places to visit, and experiences. Choose from the lively streets of Athens, the serene beauty of Crete, the awe-inspiring sights of Meteora, or the iconic sunsets of Santorini. With an array of experiences from hidden wine bars to picturesque villages and thrilling activities, there’s a slice of Greece for every couple. Let this country’s charm enchant you and craft memories that you’ll both treasure forever.

Start planning your Greece romantic vacation now and let Greece be the place where your love story unfolds.

Oia Sunset, Santorini, Greece

Concider Santorini for your Greece romantic vacation 

Santorini invites couples with its stunning caldera views and engaging atmosphere. Relax on unique beaches, wander through the villages of Oia, Fira, and Imerovigli, or enjoy dinners with views of the sea. It’s a perfect spot for those seeking a private retreat, like lounging in an infinity pool with a wide view of the caldera. Add some flavor with wine tasting, explore nearby islands, or take a hike along the caldera for a bit of adventure. Santorini is all about creating lasting memories and deepening connections. It is also considered to be one of the most romantic Greek destinations for honeymoon.

Santorini in Cyclades Islands

A closer look into Oia Village

Greece is known for its spectacular sunsets, and the village of Oia in Santorini is often considered the best place to watch the day end. Oia is not just about the sunsets, though. It’s like a balcony overlooking a natural amphitheater, offering views of the volcanic islets and the island of Thirasia. It’s a place where the evening sky becomes a canvas and the sinking sun paints it with a palette of colors. Imagine the silhouette of Oia against the twilight, much like the final bow of an orchestra conductor after a symphony, leaving the audience in awe and yearning for an encore. This is why many find Oia to be the ultimate romantic destination in Greece. Oia village is the perfect place for a Santorini honeymoon.

the exterior of atlantis bookstore in oia, santorini

A closer look into Thira

Thira, known for its white facades along the cliffs of Santorini, has a unique appeal. The restaurants and bars offer great views of the caldera, perfect for evenings out. Explore the streets, browse through jewelry shops, and pick up a piece of Greek craftsmanship.

greece good weather windmill boat clear sea

Windmills & Views

Santorini delights visitors all year. The sea and the colorful buildings of Oia make every visit here worthwhile. For a unique experience, take a private sunset boat trip. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the sea and the changing sky in peace.

Make sure to visit Amoudi Bay and the Red Sand Beach – both are must-sees in Santorini. For those who like warmer places, Perissa Beach with its black sands is waiting. Don’t miss the Heart of Santorini, a rock formation with views of the caldera, perfect for a photo. Consider arranging a photo session to capture these moments forever.

End your days with quiet dinners at sunset, try the local wines, or have a cocktail while enjoying the tastes of a Greece romantic vacation.

Old town corfu (Kerkyra) Greece

Corfu Island

Next up, Corfu, a highlight of the Ionian islands, rich with Venetian history. The Old Town is a UNESCO heritage site, best explored by foot. With its mix of cafes, tavernas, and bistros, the cultural vibe is palpable. Places like Liston and Spianada Square might remind you of Paris, while museums tell the island’s unique history. The real joy comes from meandering through the cantounia, the alleyways where you might just find the perfect photo opportunity.

Beyond the town, Corfu’s beaches offer everything from lively bars and water sports to secluded spots for quiet moments, all set against a natural backdrop ideal for romance. For those looking for adventure, a boat trip to spots like Paradise Beach is a must-do, promising remarkable experiences.

Sidari Beach - Corfu

The Canal D’Amour

Corfu has beautiful beaches, and Canal d’Amour near Sidari is a highlight. Located in a cove, it’s named after a local legend that promises love to those who swim here. The beach, where soft sands meet the clear Ionian waters, is a great place for spending time with a loved one.

evzones in athens in front of the Greek parliament in syntagma square_Conclusion_Athens Honeymoon

Athens, a Romantic City Break

A Greece romantic vacation isn’t complete without a bit of romance in Athens. Imagine walking together to the Acropolis, learning about its history at the museum. Discover Athens’ cultural offerings by visiting its museums and galleries. Enjoy meals on rooftops with views near the Acropolis. Make sure to explore the city’s food scene, including food tours, delis, and bars. As evening comes, dive into the nightlife and relax the Athenian way.

national gardens of athens_Planning your Ultimate Greece Romantic Vacation

Athens National Gardens

The National Garden, near Athens’ famous landmarks, is a peaceful break from the city. Queen Amalia started it in the 19th century, and it opened to everyone in 1920, turning into a popular place for walks and gatherings. The garden has shaded paths, a lake, and plenty of greenery for a cool getaway. You can also find ancient ruins and monuments to people like Dionysios Solomos and Lord Byron, bringing history and romance to your visit. The gardens are perfect for a photoshoot if you having an Athens honeymoon.

panorama View of Lycabettus mount from Acropolis hill in Athens

Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus is the highest point in Athens, offering a quiet getaway from the city. Located in Kolonaki, a hidden path goes through pine trees to the top, bypassing the main road. There’s also a funicular for an easier climb, taking visitors to the summit where churches and a café can be found. The views of Athens from here, especially in the evening, are remarkable.

Outdoor cinema with rows of red chairs and a large screen, with the Acropolis visible in the background_Go to an outdoor movie theater_Athens Honeymoon

Outdoor Cinemas

Athens shines on summer evenings with its open-air cinemas, a tradition loved by locals. Found across the city, each cinema has its own charm, with many set in historic spots. Aigli, close to the National Gardens, combines movies with dining, making it a favorite for couples. Cine Thiseion, around since 1935, provides stunning views of the Acropolis. Dexameni, built over ancient aqueduct ruins, offers a peek into Roman history. English movies come with Greek subtitles, so everyone can join in the fun.

A quaint alley in the Plaka neighborhood of Athens, lined with colorful walls, potted plants, and steps leading up to a seating area_Discover Plaka neighborhood in the heart of Athens_Athens Honeymoon

Anafiotika Neighborhood

In the center of busy Athens, Anafiotika brings a touch of island calm. Created by 18th-century migrant workers, this area reflects the style of Anafi in the Cyclades. Exploring its narrow alleys takes you away from city noise, among white cubic houses and colorful bougainvillea. This hidden spot is perfect for evenings in rooftop bars, enjoying ouzo and meze, and feeling detached from the city’s rhythm.

vouliagmeni lake_athens_planning your ultimate greece romantic vacation

Lake Vouliagmeni

Lake Vouliagmeni, close to Athens, is a peaceful spot with warm, mineral-filled waters. Located on the Athenian Riviera, it’s great for relaxation and wellness. You can swim with Garra Rufa fish for a natural skin treatment, or enjoy the sun near the café. The lake maintains a warm temperature year-round, ideal for swimming or snorkeling. For extra comfort, check out the spa services or hike up Faskomilo Hill for beautiful coastal views.

A serene view of Platys Gialos Beach in Mykonos, where the coastal vibe is as inviting as the clear blue sea.

Mykonos Island

Dive into the heart of the Cyclades with a trip to Mykonos. This island offers a mix of energy and peace, ideal for honeymooners looking for a blend of comfort and excitement. Wandering through Mykonos town, you’ll experience Greek charm, from the famous windmills to the cozy alleys of Little Venice, great for enjoying a coffee or a drink at sunset.

The beaches are well-known, with places like Psarou and Paradise attracting many visitors. Yet, there are also quiet spots preferred by locals, providing a more private setting for those wanting closeness.

Evening falls on the charming seaside dining area in Little Venice, Mykonos, with tables set up for a beautiful night ahead.

Little Venice

Mykonos stands out as a top destination in the Aegean for parties, drawing crowds including Athenians, the LGBTQ community, and international celebrities every summer. Just past the busy port is Little Venice, a peaceful area among the island’s lively atmosphere. This area features Venetian-style homes along the water, blending art, food, and beautiful views.

Have a drink by the sea and look out for the well-known local pelican, often seen visiting the tavernas for snacks.

Mykonos party scene_planning your ultimate greece romantic vacation

The party scene

Mykonos calls out to adventurous couples, famous for its beach parties and active nightlife. However, the island also provides quieter moments with its well-known windmills and the Old Town’s scenic streets. Don’t miss out on a sunset cruise to really see Mykonos’ stunning sunsets. For thrill-seekers, Paradise and Super Paradise beaches are the go-to for music and fun, whereas Agrari and Ornus beaches are more secluded, perfect for those looking for some privacy. Ideal for honeymoons or lively vacations, Mykonos is memorable. Note that summer is the peak season, so it’s wise to arrange your stay well in advance to enjoy everything the island has to offer.

loutro chania in crete_crete regions

Crete Island

Crete is more than a place; it’s an adventure that leaves a mark on everyone who visits. From the lively areas of Chania and Heraklion to the calm of Elounda and Agios Nikolaos, Crete welcomes everyone. The old towns of Rethymno and Chania have a unique look that’s great for evening strolls.

Beaches like Balos and Elafonisi, plus secluded spots reached by boat, offer endless blue views. Food enthusiasts will enjoy the local dining and vineyards, highlighting Crete’s diverse flavors.

Crete is also full of history, from the ancient Knossos Palace to the island of Spinalonga. No matter what you’re into, Crete has something for everyone, especially for those looking to spend their honeymoon in Crete.

Aerial view of a sandy beach with rows of umbrellas and sun loungers, adjacent to clear blue waters.

Elafonisi Beach, Chania

Elafonisi, with its pink sand, is close to Chania and stands out as one of Greece’s leading beach spots. This place is an islet linked to the shore by a sandbank. Crossing over, you’ll discover peaceful areas apart from the main beach’s facilities.

Coastal landscape with a clear turquoise lagoon, sandy shores, and a rocky hill under a blue sky.

Balos Lagoon, Chania

Balos Beach in Crete captivates everyone who sees it. Located at the tip of Greece’s largest island, it can be reached through a challenging path that adds to the adventure. The beach is known for its white sands and turquoise waters, providing a peaceful getaway. It’s a place where couples can enjoy a bit of paradise, either by sunbathing or visiting nearby Cape Tigani. Despite being close to Kissamos, the trip to Balos is enjoyable in itself, with many choosing a boat tour to get there.

A view of a coastal city with colorful buildings, an old mosque, and a bustling waterfront promenade under a cloudy sky.

Old Town, Chania

Picture Mykonos’s Little Venice and Hydra’s port together. This is Chania’s Old Venetian Harbor – a top pick for the most scenic place in the Greek islands. Walking through Chania, you move through a network of alleys that spread out from the harbor, all surrounded by buildings from the 14th century. When evening comes and the light changes, stopping for drinks at a restaurant by the water is essential.

A vibrant image of St. Paul's Bay in Rhodes, Greece, showcasing a beautiful beach scene with thatched umbrellas and sun loungers along the shoreline. The inviting turquoise waters are calm and clear, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Boats are moored in the bay, and swimmers dot the water, enjoying the warm Mediterranean sun. The bay is surrounded by rocky hills and lush vegetation, with the ruins of an ancient acropolis perched atop a hill, adding a touch of historical grandeur to the picturesque landscape. The sky is a brilliant blue, complementing the vivid colors of this idyllic seaside setting.

Rhodes Island

Rhodes, in the Dodecanese, is perfect for romance, thanks to its medieval charm. Walking through the Old Town is like traveling back in time, surrounded by ancient castles and narrow paths. Lindos enhances the romantic vibe with stunning views from its acropolis, and Agios Pavlos beach offers peaceful moments near historic ruins. For privacy, a boat tour or renting your own boat can take you to quiet beaches like Kallithea and Anthony Quinn beach. Rhodes also has a great food scene, reflecting its diverse history. Explore it to taste unique dishes and local wines. A visit to Symi, less known in the Dodecanese, is magical and not to be missed.

lindos rhodes

Lindos Town

Lindos, on Rhodes, is an ideal spot for a getaway with beautiful coves, historical sites, and charming streets, alongside great places to stay. Rhodes, being the largest Greek island, offers plenty to explore from diverse landscapes to lively towns. Lindos, notable for its size next to Rhodes Town, draws visitors with its picturesque bays and impressive acropolis, where the Temple of Athena Lindia stands. The area’s rich history, from Roman and Byzantine ruins to the Knights of St. John’s fortress, stands out. Spend your days exploring Lindos’ alleys and historical sites, then relax at one of the three local beaches, such as St. Paul’s beach, which is great for snorkeling. When night comes, Lindos shines with rooftop bars, beachside taverns, and pool bars, offering memorable experiences.

Rhodes Medieval

Rhodes Old Town

Walking into Rhodes’ Old Town is like stepping back in time, where history is alive in every alley. There’s a mix of architecture from gothic churches, Crusader castles to Ottoman mosques, all within its inviting streets. Start your visit on the Street of the Knights, taking in the Palace of the Grand Master and the Clock Tower. Make sure to spend time in Ippokratous Square, ideal for an evening drink while watching the sunset over the town.

The White Tower of Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki City

Thessaloniki, known as Greece’s northern treasure, is famed for its captivating charm. Together with Halkidiki, it offers memorable romantic experiences. Start at the White Tower, then enjoy a walk along the waterfront. The city center is rich in history, feeling like an open-air museum. Make sure to visit the Venetian castles in the Upper Town for stunning views of the Thermaic Gulf and, on clear days, you can see Mt Olympus.

Explore local flavors with a food tour, a decision you’ll cherish. As evening approaches, dive into Thessaloniki’s lively nightlife for drinks and fun. For those interested in wine, the outskirts of the city feature wonderful wineries. Additionally, several beautiful places are just a short journey away, perfect for adding to your Thessaloniki experience.


The Waterfront

In Greece, taking an evening stroll is a cherished tradition among couples, who get dressed up and meander through the streets before finding a spot in a café or bar to enjoy some coffee and the ambiance.

Thessaloniki’s waterfront promenade on Nikis Avenue is a prime spot for this romantic activity. Starting at The Umbrellas by Zongolopoulos, the walk heads northwest. You’ll pass significant landmarks like the statue of Alexander the Great and the White Tower, ending your stroll in Aristotelous Square, which is flanked by striking buildings and welcoming coffee shops.

thessaloniki umbrellas_planning your ultimate greece romantic vacation

Thessaloniki Ano Poli

Thessaloniki’s Ano Poli, untouched by the 1917 fire, maintains its historical feel on a hill. It’s home to traditional houses and sites like the Eptapyrgio fortress and the Ataturk Museum. In terms of dining, Ano Poli stands out in Thessaloniki’s food scene. Its restaurants, including Toixo Toixo, Igglis, and Nea Folia, are known for their romantic settings and offer dining experiences that leave an impression.

Bey Hamam baths in Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki Hammam Experiences

Thessaloniki’s Ottoman history is evident, particularly in its traditional hammams. These steam baths, historically places of social gathering, have become modern spas that mix old and new therapies. Couples looking for a unique experience can reserve a private room for a relaxing massage, connecting with the city’s past.

Halkidiki beaches


Halkidiki, located in Greece’s northern region and a short drive from Thessaloniki, wins hearts with its three peninsulas reaching into the Aegean Sea. The area combines the lively western leg, known for resorts and nightlife, the quiet rural middle leg, and the eastern leg’s monastic life on Mount Athos, which is not accessible to tourists.

This place is perfect for romantic getaways, with its numerous beaches, clear waters for snorkeling, and secluded coves. There’s a wide range of accommodations, catering to different preferences for couples. Besides the beaches, Halkidiki is great for exploring historical sites like Aristotle’s Stageira and has beautiful trails for hiking, making it ideal for both love and adventure.

Panoramic aerial view of the town of Skiathos island, sporades islands

Skiathos Island

Skiathos, in the Sporades, is known for its romantic spots and beautiful beaches. The main town is filled with inviting shops and places to eat, great for casual walks. Make sure to visit Bourtzi for evening drinks and tapas. Whether it’s the busy Koukounaries, the quiet Elia, or the well-known Lalaria beach, which you need a boat to reach, Skiathos has something for everyone. With convenient flights and ferry services, it’s an ideal choice for a romantic trip in Greece.

monemvasia castle in the peloponnese

Monemvasia Castle-Town

Monemvasia, tucked away in the Peloponnese, is enchanting with its old-world charm and rich history. It’s a short drive from Athens and a favorite for couples and honeymooners. With captivating views of the Aegean and inviting tavernas, the place is romantic through and through. Elafonisos, nearby, enhances the experience with its beautiful beaches, such as Simos, easily reachable by ferry, making for an ideal romantic getaway.

Meteora monastery in Greece


Meteora’s stunning landscape and ancient monasteries offer a peaceful retreat in Greece. Originally a refuge for monks seeking solitude, it has become a favorite for couples looking for both excitement and tranquility. With cozy accommodations in Kalabaka and intriguing monastic sites to explore, Meteora promises an amazing getaway.

Palamidi fortress in Nafplio greece

Nafplio Town

Nafplio, Greece’s first capital, is known for its romantic atmosphere. Its historic streets, filled with bougainvillaea, and landmarks like the harbor castle and Venetian fortress, draw in couples looking for a picturesque escape. Offering activities from sunset walks to time at the beach, Nafplio provides a great mix of scenery and adventure.

Folegandros island_planning your ultimate greece romantic vacation

Folegandros Island

Folegandros, in the Cyclades, is perfect for couples looking for a magical getaway. This island serves as a calm alternative to the more crowded spots nearby, capturing the classic Greek island feel with its pristine nature and peaceful setting.

The terrain is marked by cliffs and inviting beaches that spark romance. Chora, the island’s center, sits atop a cliff and is filled with narrow paths, inviting tavernas, and a calm atmosphere. Make sure to walk to the Virgin Mary church to see incredible sunsets. For couples who enjoy exploring, Folegandros offers trails leading to secluded beaches and impressive views.

Getting around on a quad bike or scooter brings a bit of excitement, while Ano Meria offers delightful taverns set against beautiful backdrops, establishing Folegandros as a prime spot for both love and adventure.

traditional fishermen's houses, Milos island, Cyclades, Greece

Milos Island

Milos, in the Cyclades, is a lively destination for couples. Its fishing villages and beautiful beaches provide the perfect setting for romance. Boat trips to places like Kleftiko and Gerakas add an element of adventure, while views of the sunset from the castle and drinks by the sea offer magical experiences. Don’t miss the chance to photograph the scenic boathouses in Klima and Mandrakia, making Milos a memorable place for couples.

Paros island_planning your ultimate greece vacation

Paros Island

Naoussa, located on Paros Island, offers couples a romantic getaway with its scenic streets and lit-up harbor. The town has inviting bars and restaurants by the sea. Visit the Venetian Castle ruins for remarkable photos, then unwind at beaches like Kolymbithres or Monastiri. Enjoy local foods and wine tasting at Moraitis winery for a pleasant experience in this part of Greece.

Beautiful Greek island, Hydra

Hydra Island

Hydra, known for its beautiful port and neoclassical buildings, is full of romance and has appeared in numerous films. The lack of cars enhances its appeal, with donkeys and horseback rides as the primary means of transportation. Wander through the network of white streets, with the comfort of knowing all paths lead back to the captivating port.

Zakynthos island (3)

Zakynthos Island

Zakynthos, often called the ‘Flower of the East,’ is a well-known destination in the Ionian Islands. Despite its popularity, it provides peace and seclusion during the off-peak season. Navagio Beach, featuring a shipwreck and golden sands, is a renowned location ideal for couples. The island offers various watersports opportunities, including exploring blue caves and sandy beaches. Be sure to visit Marathonisi islet for snorkeling and Cameo Island for sunset drinks.

Kefalonia Sailing

Kefalonia Island

Kefalonia, a sizable Greek island, offers an ideal setting for a romantic escape. From Fiskardo to Skala, there are fascinating places to explore together. Rent a car to discover the island’s diverse regions. Enjoy leisurely morning walks along Argostoli harbour, wine tastings, and intimate dinners in Kampana Square. For adventure seekers, try paragliding at Myrtos Beach or explore underground caves like Drogatari and Melissani.

Astypalea Island

Astypalea, known as the butterfly isle, combines Cycladic charm with Dodecanese allure. Hora, its main town, offers panoramic vistas from the Venetian castle and picturesque windmills. With diverse beaches like Vatses and Agios Ioannis, Astypalea invites romantic adventures. Enjoy local delicacies, including slow-cooked meats and Mediterranean flavors, for an authentic taste of the island’s culinary delights.

Paleokastritsa, Corfu, ionian islands

Greece offers several romantic destinations, each with its own unique charm, making it an ideal choice for a Greece romantic vacation. From Athens’ bustling streets to Folegandros’ serene beaches, and Thessaloniki and Nafplio’s historic towns, there’s something for every couple. Whether exploring ancient ruins, enjoying waterfront cocktails, or discovering secluded caves and beaches, Greece provides opportunities to create cherished memories with your partner.

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