Best Sunsets in Greece


And there’s no shortage of places where you can experience such an amazing feeling. Sunset sports -especially in the islands- are plentiful. We collected the most popular ones just for you!

Oia sunset  Photo Credit: karol m

1. Oia, Santorini

The spot that undoubtedly tops the list is Oia in Santorini where crowds from around the world rush each year to enjoy the sunset. To be honest, sunset is simply amazing anywhere on the caldera, but at this northernmost tip of Santorini it goes beyond the wildest fantasies. Visitors in the know usually head up to the hillside behind Oia which emerges their best chance to enjoy the sunset without the crowd.

Little Venice in Mykonos  Photo Credit: Eugenia Giorgini

2. Little Venice, Mykonos

Little Venice (aka Alefkantra) is one of the most romantic spots on the island. The picturesque neighborhood of Mykonos Chora, with its charming architecture, was once home to wealthy merchants and captains. At this time of history, these beautiful houses with their colorful windows and doors and traditional balconies have become restaurants and cafes. Just pick one of them and sit watch the sunset with a cocktail in your hand!

Sounio Cape   Photo Credit: edmondo gnerre

3. Sounio, Attica

As anyone who loves Athens will tell you, one of its top advantages is that one can hop in a car, tram or bus and find themselves on the southern coast within less than an hour. In just over an hour anyone can head to a beach in Sounio and visit the Temple of Poseidon right on time for sunset!  It is a stunningly beautiful, iconic spot which is known for serving as the backdrop to some of the country’s most enchanting sunset views. From the Temple’s soaring columns one’s gaze dives directly down to the sea. In October it staged a fashion show for the first time in history; all the proceeds went to an important children’s charity in Greece.

Thessaloniki sunset  Photo Credit: candiru

4. Thessaloniki, Nea Paralia

The Umbrellas by Giorgos Zongolopoulos have added their shade of art to Thessaloniki’s seafront sunsets. Perhaps the most beautiful place to capture in the whole city, the umbrellas are curved in different shapes and slightly slope as if they dance. Thanks to their construction, they allow light to force way between them, making a sunset picture simply impeccable with the calm sea as their background.

Zakynthos sunset  Photo Credit: Gerry Smith

5. Zakynthos, Keri Lighthouse

Is there any better place to see the last drops of the sun diving into the sea than at Keri? The lighthouse stands right where the wild rocks meet the sea which makes for super panorama pictures. The huge greek flag on display some say is the largest in the whole country.  Just be sure to arrive on time!

Cover Picture Credit: Giuseppe Milo

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